The Carpathian Chronicles Trilogy

Imagine if your life was destined to be immortal, living along with the human society in a immortal life, that was given to you as a gift for survival, to live to see your family once again, seeing how you the years of your children, or parents,
this family survived over a thousand years , with new additions every year, come and read their stories, how each of them survived thru out the years......


3. Revealing The Truth About Prince Erik

The Carpathian Chronicles  :  
 The Truth About Prince Erik

Three Years passed
Swords clanking against one another as the snow came down slowly  as  King Tobias now walked out of the corridorsas he made his way  to the balcony seeing his son practicing , as he noticed the snow hills as he now spoke out .
"Draven enough for the day come  its  time for bed"
Draven now looked up to his father as he now nodded respectfully as e rested his sword down as the guard lowered his weapon and removed his helmet, revealing his masular face ans he smiled.Tobias grinned as he seen his son, his features  changed rapidly through out the years, he was also impressed how Draven  improved his fighting skills   along with  the swordsman skills   ,but his powers of teleknisis were out of control as Tobias now sigh[ed, he was proud of his son for  his accomplishment of proving  his worthiness .
he was proud of his son, as he smiled
Have a dark eve Prince Draven, said the Swordsman .
Thank you master , til tomorrow i will be here at the same time, Draven smiled as he now turned and walked into the french door as he now disappeared............
the night went by quickly as draven turned in for the night, the work out tired him out as he slept thru  the night
Tobias wandered thru the corridors as the doors exploded  open as he was flown back hitting the walls as he grunted. there he looked  up seeing  his brother Anton  face to face as they gave each other the stare down  as tobis now spoke.
You brought this fight the day you took my son away from me ......

  Look for your sister and the kids, bring them to me,  Kaleb and kris  search for Draven  tonight he  shall learn the truths of what his father had done.
Tobias growled as he now moved to his feet as the men now moved thru the corridors and wandered thru the halls searching for the boys and  their sister. Anton sighed  as he walked  closer to his brother ans whispered .
You are in my nightmare now  brother, Anton whispered  to him as he now pulled him to his feet as he now  heard crying  and struggling of a door knob  hearing a female  crying in pain .two  men returned as they too heard noises coming from a chamber as they walked over to the door as one male spoke.
Move back im breaking down the door
the two men managed to break down the door ansd entered as they rushed inside as they looked around, there  they seen two  twin human boys and a young vampiress as they   slowly moved closer to the boys, even being human the two boys stood in a possessive stance  as they both growled.
KING ANTON! we found them, they are alive" Armand yelled out
Anton quickly  ran into the chambers as   he seen his grandsons and the Princess, as he now gasped.
I..Is she dead?, he questioned. 
"no father" Anton  watched Armand as he was untying the knots from her wrists  as he now carried her out of the chambers, as the boys watched  courously. the king rushed over to his daughter.
My sweet Princess, wht has he done to you? he whispered gently.
The Princess opened her eyes hearing the kings voice as she whimpered.
"he's here, he's alive" she whispered
"Who Princess?", questioned King Anton.
Prince Erik of Clydronia" she answered as  her eyes closed as she went into slumber.
Father, do you think Erik still lives after what she said? ,  mean really alive somewhere around here" questioned Elijah .
Anton now sighed  as he looked over to his oldest as he rubbed his face
"we're about  to find out" Anton whispered  as he now heard footsteps as they now stood  infront of Isabella and the boys,Anton sighed  and stood as he looked to his brother and  the young man whom  now stood beside him as he gasped.
ERIK!,  the two men  called out  as they moved foward, instead they paused at their father's gesture with his hand.
"Stop!,  he's not Erik,King Anton snapped.
What do you mean, that is Erik our baby brother, hes a replica , idenitcle  of our brother, Armand said as he now looked over to his father
Anton faced his brother as he stood tall and growled seeing him grinning made him furor with rage charged after him and held a grasped his brothers throat. finally confronting him face to face,
" all this time you had Erik, you made him something I didn't want him to be, why?" Anton said as he squeezed his brother's throat roughly as he waited  for  his answer.
the chyldren of  Tobias and of  Anton  came to a hault  as they watched the two kings now face to face  wondering what was going on with the two , Anton sighed as he now pulled  his grasp away from his  throat  as he hisssed.
So many years i though my son was dead,  and he was here all this time, what were you thinking, you made him something I didn't want him to be, he was human , a sixteen year old  human, MY SON!"
I knew Prince Erik was is your weakness Tobias  laughed and pulled  his brother's grasp away
yes dear brother I knew, Your son will always be your weakness ,  you  are a fool, you and your chyldren will die, he added as he now growled.
Anton growled as he quickly reached for  Draven's sword from his  waist  and attacked his brother, instead his sword collided with Anton's as  the sounds of swords clanking against one another with each hit  the sound of the thunderous thunder  that roared above the earth's skies of Clyndronia Lands .
The both kings fought as  against each other,piece by peice as  the chyldren  looked in shock  expression,  as they watched the two trying to kill one another. seeing their  tips of their swords was now colliding   flesh to flesh as they dueled around   in a circular postion as their wounds healed as Anton now moved away as he growled .   Now lets see who will go first dear brother, Anton whispered. >>TBC>> Part 2 coming soon            
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