The Carpathian Chronicles Trilogy

Imagine if your life was destined to be immortal, living along with the human society in a immortal life, that was given to you as a gift for survival, to live to see your family once again, seeing how you the years of your children, or parents,
this family survived over a thousand years , with new additions every year, come and read their stories, how each of them survived thru out the years......


1. Introduction of the Grand Elders And The chylders


The Garucino  Elders

Christian Garucino, Roman Garucino, Katalina Garucino, Noe Garucino, Malachi Garucino, Elijah Garucino, Alexander Garucino, Esmeralda Garucino, Deacon Garucino, Danyel Garucino, Kyrielynn Garucino




The Chydren of the Family


Sophia, Armani, Kymira, Amberly,Zaynei, Gabriel,  Anabeth, Lilliana,

Koralynn, Euphoria,  Valencia, Matteo,Esperanza, Christian, Noah

Zoryan, Jayzen, Landon, Ethan, Philipe, Nicholas,


                                                 Elders of theVon Dratton


Izaekal Von Dratton, Bastian Von Dratton, Domnic Von Dratton, Elaina Von Dratton, Radu Von Dratton, Marcus Von Dratton, Melania Von Dratton

The Chydren of the family

Adan, Elaina, Amara, Roland, Hailey, Stefan, Jerimiah,Emmalynn, Armani,  Mathias,Amberly, Jordan, Necroli



Elders of the Vayzenbur

Shawn Vayzenbur, Vicente Vayzenbur, Collin Vayzenbur, Karliee Joyce Vayzenbur, Mikah Vayzenbur

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