my life

hey im sarah im a tomboy i live with my boyfriend my sled dogs and my jumping and racing horses also my sheep and my cow life can have good times and bad times well this is my life


1. ....

i sat on the bench watching david's football game with dewey our first ever husky dog he's like our baby i watched until it was the half when there was a 30 min break i stood up and waited for david ''hey dewey'' he said scratching dewey ruffly david stood up and gave me a quick kiss ''hey champion '' i said smiling ''hey princess'' he smiled back ''im hungry'' i said ''me to '' dewey stood on his back leg's meaning fead me '' you hungry dew's come on let's go eat'' we walked to the place where they gave hotdogs and lot's of goodies me and david orderd a hotdog each then i got a chip bag and skittles we sat down on the benches and talked dewey was always trying to steal pieces of our food ''dewey sit'' he sat down and i gave him a bit of the bread he stopped bothering us until the game restarted dewey sat next to me and watched the ball fly around 

i blinked for one seconds and everybody was'nt playing anymore i stood up and saw david laying on the floor i took dewey and ran over to him ''is he ok'' i said sitting on my knees next to him i was scared ''we don't know'' the coach said he was bareleay able to lift up his hand ''dewey sit'' i made dewey sit he was all around the place a few other players helped getting off his helmet and shoulder pads off we put a blanket on him until the ambulance came they got him in and let me and dewey ride i got in with dewey after they got david in how could a fun football game turn bad i knew the team mates were'nt happy he got hurt they where kinda sad i was sad seeing my boyfriend hurt not able to do anything it was hard very hard for me and dewey 

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