Call Me Crazy

Raylan never expected her life would change so drastically. Thrown into a world that shouldn't exist she must decide if she can risk putting her old life behind her to save the people she loves, but perhaps it's the only choice even if that choice is based on a love she shouldn't be feeling.


2. Rescued but Trapped

When I awoke I scowled at the cell I was in. 

Hell, I'm in hell.

I tried to stand to get off the cold stone of this dungeon cell but chains on my wrists and ankles yanked me down and my body screamed in agony at the distress it was in. I screamed as I sat back down and my head hit the wall. Everything blurred more than it already was and I saw dark spots everywhere. I blinked it away and everything faded back in and I heard a voice beside me.

"Quiet, your screaming is getting annoying." The voice was female.

"What?" I said my voice raspy and hoarse like I had indeed been screaming.

"Humans, such weak things." She complained.

The way she said humans made me wonder what she was talking about. 

"What do you mean humans?" I asked. 

"Exactly what I said, human, although I'm not sure what you are. Come closer to me so I might see you." She said. There was a hole in the wall and I could see the woman's arm reach through and wave around.

Hesitantly I moved as far as I could so she could see me. 

She reached out and pulled yanked on my neck so quickly I couldn't even flinch as she pushed my face against the stone wall. "Pretty thing. I bet you taste delightful." She whispered seductively in my ear. I shuddered and pried her hand from neck scrambling away. She laughed and the sound of it made my bones shake with fear.

Such a haunting voice, yet so sweet. She smiled at me and I saw rows or razor sharp teeth. I felt blood drip down my neck and gripped it where there were marks from her nails. She held up her hand and licked the blood from her nails. "Certainly not human, a Tyg. It's been so long since I've tasted your kind." She said and moaned when she again licked my blood from her finger.

"You are crazy, what are you talking about?" I asked. 

"We are in Berton, home to the bastard Bregs." She said.

"Never heard of it, what country is this?" I asked. 

"I'll rip out your throat if you keep asking questions." She snarled. 

I glared at her but I bet she could smell the fear on me. She had something otherworldly feeling about her. Her eyes were so remarkable, yet so frightening. They were the deepest red and slit like a cat's eye.

"You incredibly rude thing, we aren't in your damned human world. Berton isn't a country it is the world." She said. "Stupid thing." She added under her breath.

I laughed. "Worlds? Bregs? Tyg? Ridiculous!" I said.

Hate flickered in the strange woman's eyes and she held out her arm again eyeing my neck and sucking on her teeth. "Come so I might taste you again." She hissed. 

"Don't touch me." I said and kicked her arm against the wall. 

She screamed and it was a horrifying sound that made my ears feel like they were bleeding.

"You will regret that girl." She spat and clawed at me. I shuffled back so she couldn't reach and found a stone that could fit in the hole. I grabbed it and pounced to the hole shoving the stone in place and hitting her hand back. I lodged the stone in with incredible strength and my eyes widened as the stone around it actually cracked. 

I heard the woman laugh on the other side. 

"I will cut you into ribbons girl." She threatened and again bellowed that sickly laugh.

I slid back to the corner farthest from her and pressed my back against the wall. The chains pulled on my ankles and wrists but I ignored it as I brought my knees to my chest and buried my face in my knees.

The sound of my dungeon door groaning open made me jump up and the chains yanked at me as I tried to hide in the corner. My ankle barked in pain but I ignored it. A man stood there grimacing at me. He was cruelly beautiful and I spat at his feet when he came closer to me.

"Such attitude and I saved your life." He said and I recognized the voice from the river, the one telling me to stay awake.

"I'm so grateful you locked me in a cell after saving my life. This is kidnapping, I'd rather die than be your prisoner." I said. 

"I'm pretty sure I recall you saying 'I don't want to die' not 'I don't want to be imprisoned.'" He said and crossed his arms leaning against the door frame.

"Is this a dream?" I said and squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't even hear him approach me and bend down before me until he shoved my back into the wall and held his hand over my throat.

My eyes flew open and wide and I jumped onto my feet. He stood with me and kept his hand over my throat. His face was so close I could feel his breath on my neck as he leaned in and licked the blood from my neck. I shuddered and shoved him back, my chains pulling at my wrists. 

He smirked at me and closed his eyes as if he too were enjoying the taste of my blood. 

"You ass! Don't touch me!" I yelled. I heard the woman laughing in the cell next to me and the man, young probably twenty-two, growled at her. The woman's laugh grew louder and it was deafening sounding. "Such a wonderful taste." The woman said

"Quiet!" He yelled at her.

The woman laughed again and I covered my ears but I couldn't block out the awful noise of her voice. It was so loud and piercing, as if someone was screeching into my ears. They felt as if they would bleed.

"I'm not whatever you say I am, please just take me home I don't even know where we are and I'll tell no one." I pleaded.

"You can't be anything but what we expect, especially if that sound bothers you so much." He said.

I shook my head vigorously. "This makes no sense." 

"Where is she?" A man yelled from beyond my cell.

"Sir, your brother is the only one permitted to enter." A guard said.

"Must I remind you who's above my dear brother?" The man growled.

He didn't wait for the guard's answer before bursting in. He looked a lot like the man in front of me, both beautiful but similar. Brothers. The only difference was the man in front of me was calm and the man who walked in had nothing but rage in his eyes as he started towards me.

I tried to back away but I just felt the cold stone at my back. He shoved his brother aside who moved out of the way without protest and watched us. The man gripped my arms and lifted me clean of the ground and held me up on the wall. I had to bite back a scream as my boulder slammed into the wall and I felt the bullet wound reopen. I bit down so hard my lip split open.

"Who are you?" He snarled.

"Raylan. Raylan Jones." I said quickly.

"What at you doing here and why did your queen send you?" He asked.

I furrowed my brow and shook my head. "Queen? I live in the U.S. and I don't even know where this is." I said.

He narrowed his eyes and looked me over before setting me back on my feet.

I loosed a breath I hadn't realized I was holding and gripped my shoulder.

"Why would you bring a human girl here Trystan, especially one that's broken?" He asked the still too calm man, Trystan.

"Excuse me? I am twenty-one and I am not broken." I blurted but they ignored me.

"She's Tyg, Julian, eventually she will develop her magic and there would be chaos in the human world."

Julian didn't seem pleased with his answer and crossed his arms.

"Sorry, I should've dropped her off at the queen's doorstep for her to handle because they just love our visits." Trystan said.

"Can you argue about killing me somewhere else!" I snapped.

"Now that's a good idea, then she's no ones' problem." Julian said. Trystan glared at his brother then turned to me. "Let's go, you're going home." He said. I tried not to make it seem obvious how happy I was, but I had a stupid grin anyways.

"Not the one you are thinking of." He said.

My smile was instantly gone. "I have no other home and I'm not Tyg!" I snapped. 

"Then explain this." He said and touched my shoulder. I winced and raised my hand to slap him for touching me but my chains yanked back on my wrist. Just a minute ago I was able to reach up, how the chains stopped me now I didn't know.

He raised his brow and held out his hand, wet with my blood, blue blood.

"What... Impossible!" I blurted. I felt my shoulder and indeed my shoulder was bleeding blue blood.

"What the hell?" I said under my breath. "I was just bleeding red blood when those men shot me."

He dragged his hand on the walls of my cell, drawing a strange symbol with my blood. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"The symbol, it means closed so anyone who sees it will keep this cell door closed." He said. I surveyed the symbol, it was two circles joined together with one large line going through the center horizontally. "Hope you don't die before we decide what to do with you." He said before leaving.

"Wait, what?" I asked. There was no answer.

I tried to stand and rush to the door but the chains pulled me back, stronger than before, and I flew back into the wall. My head collided with the stone wall and I started to see spots. 

"Don't just leave me here!" I screamed. My breath clouded in front of me and I shivered, everything in my body shook and ached. "It's fucking cold in here!" I yelled.

"Your bleeding," The woman in the cell beside me hissed. I heard her inhale sharply. "I can smell it."

My teeth chattered and I could hardly hear the woman over it, but I didn't care what she had to say. "Why are you in here?" I forced out. The woman laughed. "I've got to eat." She answered. "Why can't I go back?" I asked. "Girl, I will come in there and tear you apart if you keep asking me questions." She warned.

I swallowed and tried to ignore her, but she said, "Because no one remembers you, it's the magic." She said. "Before you ask, no I don't know much about it, I don't care." She added. "Magic, right." I muttered to myself and laughed. I brought my legs to my chest and wrapped my arms around myself. How was it so cold? Maybe I was still in that river and the cold water would give me hypothermia and kill me before I woke up from this stupid dream.

"Girl, if you don't shut up," The woman started. "You'll what? Kill me? I'm going to die anyways." I interrupted. "I just didn't think like this." I added, but not loud enough for anyone to hear, or that woman since she was the only one around.

"A rather barbaric way to imprison people these day." I said. "With magic, no one in this world needed to advance as much as your world." The woman said. "Yes, magic why do I keep forgetting? Oh yeah because it doesn't exist." I said. "If it doesn't, then how would you explain everything you've seen?" She asked. I paused. "So now you are asking questions? I don't know! This makes no sense." I said. 

The woman laughed, that's all she ever did. Laugh, at everything. Such a haunting woman. It was cold I could hardly feel my shoulder as it bled, in fact I couldn't feel anything. My body was numb and the tips of my fingers had gone blue.

"Why... Is it... So... Cold." I managed to get out. "Magic, darling." The woman said. "Stop saying... Magic!" She laughed and I held my knees over my ears. Only the sound of that laugh rang through my ears, everything was drowned out. The cold seeped into my body, freezing my bones my veins, everything felt as if the cold was inside of me rather than around me. 

The ice traveled through me like I was a lake freezing over. "Someone... Please." I said, my voice shaking just as badly as my whole body. I tried to stand but felt as if I might crack like glass if I so much as moved an inch. I reached my hands up to my face and the cuffs on my wrist were coated in ice. I crawled towards the door until my chains were pulling on my frail feeling body, then rallied all my strength and pulled my arms and legs until the chains snapped and shattered leaving only the ice coated cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

I continued to crawl to the door and reached for the cell door. Where my hand made contact with the door there was a thin layer of ice that only grew and covered the entire door. I managed to stand but only for a second before I fell towards the door and I put everything I had left into the motion and when I fell into the door it shattered just like my chains had and I was on my knees in the hall, which was just as cold as the cell.

"What was that?" Someone said down the hall.

I turned the opposite way of the voice and through will alone I got up and staggered away down the hall. I wasn't fast enough though and was freezing like an icicle.

"There!" Someone shouted and just as I was going to give up a sharp pain went through my leg and I cried out.

My leg gave out under me and I collapsed to the ground. They shot me with an arrow in the leg, which means they didn't have guns. I tried to crawl away but it was like invisible hands grabbed my limbs and held me back. Another sharp pain and another arrow hit my already hurt shoulder. 

I screamed and curled up, shaking and bleeding. "Get her, get her to a silent cell." Someone ordered. I couldn't tell how many there were as hands grabbed me. They hissed and backed away. "She's freezing cold, she might turn us into ice." The person who grabbed me said. "She's just a girl, grab her!" They were ordered again. 

I opened my eyes just enough to see a guard, hesitating to touch me. "What's this about?" A familiar voice asked. I looked and saw Trystan. "She froze her chains and the door, we got her down sir." The guard answered.

"Well, get her back to a cell." Trystan said. 

The guard bent down to grab me but I held out my hands and my eyes widened as a blast of cold and ice shot from my hands and slammed into the guard. "Don't shoot!" Trystan yelled, probably to another guard. I didn't care, let them shoot me. The cold got worse after firing actual ice at that guard and I closed my eyes, curling up even more for any warmth that I had left, which was none.

I tensed when someone laid a hand on my back but instantly relaxed when heat crept through me. I arched into the touch, wanting more. I didn't protest when someone lifted me into their arms, the warmth was like a drug, and I could stop wanting, craving, more.

"Raylan, don't let the cold control you, you control it." A voice, Trystan's voice, said to me. I felt the vibrations of it in his chest. I almost hated that it was his warmth that saved me from that terribly bitter cold. As his warmth enveloped me I felt a pit of cold sitting inside me, awake, like it had been sleeping up until now and was waiting to flood through me.

Like a living thing it hissed at the warmth but embraced it all the same. It tried to crawl up and fill me again, but I forced it done into that pit. I am in control, I said to it. It hissed at me but obeyed, staying in the pit and returning to sleep.

The cold was gone and there was only the warmth of the body I was pressed into.

Why help me? I thought, but it didn't matter.

"Still don't believe us?" He asked. I wanted to say no, that everyone here was crazy and I would get them all locked away for the rest of their lives, but I knew it was ridiculous. There was no explaining what had just happened except for what he said. Magic, I had magic, like that woman said, and the reality of it all was a lot to handle.

He snorted at my silent answer. "Thought so." He said. "Put me down." I demanded. "We're here anyways." He said and put me down in another cell, but before I could try to strike or escape, to where I had no idea, I was forced down and chained once again to the wall. I thrashed against the chains but they wouldn't let me get any closer to anyone around me, until a guard came over and ripped the arrow in my leg out. I cried out and fell to my knees. Then he went towards the arrow in my shoulder and pulled out it with no gentleness. I couldn't keep back my scream.

"Looks like you're more important to us alive than dead." Trystan said. I glared at him and swayed as more blood dripped from my leg and shoulder. A man in white robes came in bent down in front of me. He grabbed me gently and turned me so my back was to him. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Helping." The man said. "You've lost a lot of blood but I can close the wounds." He added. 

I balled my hands into fast, readying myself. He brought a wet, warm rag to my shoulder and I winced as he cleaned my back of blood. Then he touched my shoulder and the pain started fading away. It was a minute until my shoulder no longer hurt and I knew I wasn't bleeding from there.

The man moved to my leg, thankfully leaving my pants on, and did the same to my thigh then to my ankle. How did he know my ankle was even hurting? I wondered.

Whatever he did, probably magic, it worked and I was glad. "Thank you." I said. He nodded then left as quickly as he came.

"This is a silence cell, meant to silence your magic and only yours, so you won't be getting out the same way as before." Trystan said. I didn't pay him any attention, I just wanted him to leave. "You're welcome, by the way." He said. "For what?" I blurted, already failed at ignoring him. "Saving your life, darling. Enjoy yourself down here." He said and turned to leave. "Wait! Will you at least give me a shirt?" I asked. "Not until you thank me." He said.

I tightened my jaw and glared at him. "Thank you, for saving me, if that's what call this." I said anyways, I was tired of my partial nakedness in this place that I knew nothing about. "Good enough." He said and pulled the shirt he was wearing over his head then through it within reach. "I don't want yours." I said. "You said shirt you didn't specify whose." He said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the shirt, trying to keep from looking at his tanned and tone chest. It smelled like cinnamon and fire, not foul smelling but strange. 

"How am I supposed to put it on with these chains?" I asked. "Figure it out, sweetheart." He said. I was about to retort something when a wave of dizziness hit me. "Careful, you heard the man, lost a lot of blood." He said as he left.

I sighed and leaned against the wall, it was so warm now and the pit of magical cold I noticed inside of me seemed so far. I didn't let myself think more on magic before I let sleep take me away.

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