Call Me Crazy

Raylan never expected her life would change so drastically. Thrown into a world that shouldn't exist she must decide if she can risk putting her old life behind her to save the people she loves, but perhaps it's the only choice even if that choice is based on a love she shouldn't be feeling.


1. Infection

"Mom, I'm fine, my car just broke down the tow truck should be here any minute." I lied. I was in the middle of nowhere on a mountain, the tow truck would be here before morning if I was lucky. The only light was from the moon and stars, nothing like the city.

"Well, please hurry down it's my mother's birthday tomorrow and you know she'll want to see you." She said. "I will hurry, just calm down." I said.

She started babbling on about how I needed to be polite and I should be the perfect granddaughter. "Hey, there's poor reception I'll call you when it's better." I said and hung up quickly.

I was surrounding by trees and a deserted road, maybe it was better if I sat in my car instead.

I heard rustling in the bushed behind me and I turned around to investigated it and inched my way around the car, slowly. "Hello?" I said hardly louder than a whisper. The bush shook again and I almost yelped when a small animal jumped out and scurried away.

"You should definitely get back in the car." I told myself, but when I moved around to the driver's seat I saw two bright lights come around the corner. Another car, I almost jumped with joy at the sight and quickly got in my car and flashed my emergency lights thankful that they still worked. 

The care came closer and didn't seem to be slowing at all and it whipped past me then jerked to a stop.

Thank god

"Hey!" I called when two large figures stepped out of the car. My car lights lit up two men dressed in all black and I spotted the guns at their belts and backed up cautious of not letting off any fear. 

"Thank goodness you're here, will you help me? My car broke down," Before I could finish one of them drew their gun and fired off a bullet before I could jump out of the way. The bullet hit my shoulder narrowly missing my heart.

I turned towards the forest and ran.

I heard their footsteps in the woods behind me and I was thankful for the slight moonlight to show me where to step.

There was no denying that they would likely catch up to me eventually, and I pushed myself to run faster. I dared to look behind me and saw them too close for my liking and I tried hard to make myself run faster.

Faster Raylan! Faster!

I made the foolish mistake of looking behind me again and saw them slowing down and I didn't even process the ledge that I stepped off of and then I was falling. I screamed as I saw the plunge and I heard a crack as much as I felt it when I landed on my back.

I couldn't breathe and I just stared up at the figures on top of the short cliff I just ran off of. They didn't jump down and I didn't move until they walked off. I gasped for air and tried to move but everything creamed at me in pain. My shoulder was the least of my worries if I couldn't walk. Finally I caught my breath and tried to sit up when excruciating pain went through me and I had to bite back my scream.

I laid back down and stared up at the sky. 

"I don't want to die." I silently pleaded to no one. Then I was sobbing and even crying sent pain through my body. The tears flooded my face and I almost choked on them. Everything was fuzzy and I realized my glasses must have fallen off somewhere, no wonder I missed the small cliff I could hardly see. Now I was blind and dying on the forest floor. Why would they want to kill me? Who were those people? I didn't finish thinking about the questions when my vision went completely black and I couldn't even cry anymore.

I didn't even know I blacked out until there was a blinding light and I opened my eyes and saw the sun above me. I squinted and blinked away the pain from the light. I was still in the forest and then I remembered what could've been last night? Maybe I was asleep for more than just the night.

I managed to sit up with minimal pain and noticed someone had stripped me from my shirt and there were bandages wrapped on my shoulder. My bra was soaked with blood and I grimaced at the sight and bile built in my throat.

Someone helped me? But they still left me here, why?

I looked at the dried blood in the grass under me and this time I heaved up whatever was left in my stomach. The movement sent warning shots of pain through my back and chest, but I couldn't help it as everything I had in me I now hurled up.

There was sweat beaded on my forehead and I knew I had a fever. I hoped it wasn't the first sign of infection. When I looked at my bandages they were indeed covered in dirt from the ground; tears built up in my eyes. I'm not only going to die but it will be slow and painful. I wanted to let the tears fall, I honestly did, but I wouldn't survive if I just felt sorry for myself.

I forced back the pain in my body and struggled onto my feet. I hurt in places I didn't know I could hurt in so badly. 

I walked away from the mountain side I fell off and deeper into the forest. I limped from a pain in my right ankle and didn't bother putting back on my shirt that I clutched in my hand. 

The forest was unusually quiet like everything ran away. The only sound was of running water.


I smiled and screamed with joy and hurried towards the sound. 

The water was rushing quickly so either this river was just a very rapid river or there was a waterfall nearby. I didn't care, and I just went to it anyway.

Indeed the river was wide and didn't seem too deep but the water was moving fast, too fast to swim in and make it out but I didn't have to get in too deep. The water was thankfully clear and I didn't bother taking off my boots as I stepped into the water. The river rushed past my feet and I almost lost my balance but recovered. The water was already halfway to my knees but I didn't care.

I cupped water into my hands and splashed my face with it. Cold, so freezing cold, but I was relieved. It looked clean and it was so clear that I could tell there wasn't much dirt because of the many rocks on the bottom. There weren't many fish, but I wasn't surprised considering how strong the current was. 

The water was pretty shallow up until a certain point and I decided to step more in. I was a good two feet away from where it got deeper but didn't expect it as my foot sunk and I fell. My hands scraped on some sharp rocks and as the current tried to pull me away it my pulled my foot and my ankle sent sharp pain up my leg. My bad ankle. 

I cried out and tried to fight against the current to get my foot loose. I wriggled it around and struggled to get free even if it hurt to move it. My foot suddenly loosened and the instant it was out the current dragged me into the deep part of the river and my back sliced open on the rocks as I was pulled into the rapid river. 

Stupid, you should have stayed where you were.

The rapids dragged me under and I frantically tried to surface again and wasn't paying attention to the large rock that was getting uncomfortably closer. I gasped for air when my head finally broke the surface and I came up just in time to see the giant rock as I slammed into it and my head narrowly missed splitting open as it impacted with the rock. My vision sparked and my head yelled in protest for me to stop. The water pulled me under again and slammed me repeatedly against the rock. 

I must have dreamed it when I felt a hand yank me up and out of the water. I was out, and dreaming. No, the pain was unbearable I was awake and someone just pulled me out of the river. I shivered and the air bit at me drenched in the ice cold water.

I looked up at my savior, just a fuzzy silhouette without my glasses. It didn't matter what they looked like, they were helping me. I wrapped my arms around their neck and craved the warmth from their body. I didn't even care that I still had no shirt on.

You're safe, saved.

I told myself.

My head felt so heavy and hard to keep up so I rested it on my saviors chest and didn't even struggle as the world drifted away from me.

They shook me and my eyes fluttered open again. "Stay awake." They said and I felt the vibration of their deep voice in their chest. I nodded but closed my eyes again. 

I felt the wind whip at my face and I opened my eyes to see we were running and the forest was rushing by with impossible speed. This time when my eyes again drifted close I didn't open them again and any attempt at my savior keeping me awake was failed.

I was going to die.

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