Call Me Crazy

Raylan never expected her life would change so drastically. Thrown into a world that shouldn't exist she must decide if she can risk putting her old life behind her to save the people she loves, but perhaps it's the only choice even if that choice is based on a love she shouldn't be feeling.


3. Freedom

I spent days, maybe weeks, alone in that cell, the meals weren't regular enough to tell the time. It was like they fed me when they remembered I was there, and there was no one in the cells beside mine to keep me company. Even that crazy woman, or thing since I've thought on it more.

No contact with anyone, no light, nothing but cold emptiness and time to think about what has happened. At one point I could've sworn I was going insane. I spent three days screaming and not eating, only pausing to sleep then wake up and do it again. When dreams didn't haunt my sleep I slept surprisingly well, although I didn't know how long I slept for.

Just as I was on the brink of breaking, my cell door opened for the first time in a very long time. I was ready to pounce on anyone who walked in but the chains yanked me back when I tried. 

I growled like an animal at the man who walked in, Trystan if I remembered correctly. "What do you want?" I said, my voice raspy and cruel. "Enjoy your time?" He asked and bent down in front of me. I reached for him, wanting to claw out his eyes and slice my nails through his beautiful and perfect face.

He laughed when the chains pulled in and I could even move my wrists from the wall. 

"The chains will only let you do so much, clever things." He said.

"Tell me what you want, or get out." I said through gritted teeth. 

"Oh, it's too bad you're starting to get attached to this cell." He said.

I froze. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Looks like you aren't a secret anymore, the damned royal family wishes to meet you." He said, obviously not very happy about their decision. 

"Not interested." I said plainly.

He furrowed his brows. "What?" He exclaimed. "No. Not. Interested." I said again. "You don't have a choice. You will bathe and look... human again, then meet the king or you will rot here with only enough meals to survive until you wish you were blessed with death." He said. "If you want to hear yourself talk, find a different prisoner who doesn't give a shit." I spat.

"I will do it myself if you won't comply." He said. I raised a brow. "Oh, will you now? Would it make you happy to strip me naked and clean me yourself." I said with a smirk. "The last thing I want to do is see another inch of your body." He said. "I doubt it." I said, grinning at him. 

He only glared at me. After a minute of silence he got up and walked back to the door, but instead of leaving he leaned against it and stared at me arms crossed.

When I couldn't bare it any longer I sighed and was about to tell him I'd go but the cuffs around my wrists and ankles broke free themselves. "Good, let's go." He said.

I got up and followed him out, squinting at the light in the hall. "I'll be honest, we forgot you were there until my mother decided to pay a visit to a prisoner and caught your scent." He said. "And your mother told the queen?" I asked. He laughed. "You could say that." He said.

I didn't say anything more to him as he led me through the intricate and confusing prison. I didn't bother memorizing the way after a while. He too said nothing the whole time and I could've sworn he had forgotten why he was down there for a moment until he looked at me and scowled then looked away. I glared at his back the rest of the way, making promises of death in my head as I did.

"Here we are." He finally said.

He led me up the first staircase we came across then left me in a beautiful room with black marble floors and ceiling. The walls were line with gold and black like the marble. There were few candles lighting the room, mounted on the walls. In the center was a large tub, too big, and likely fit five people.

"Don't take too long, the queen doesn't like being kept waiting." He said before leaving. 

I knew they weren't dumb enough to leave the doors unlocked, so I didn't even try to escape. I didn't even know where I was or what the orders regarding me were, perhaps the first person who saw me would kill me on sight, I didn't know anything. So I got ready to meet the queen.

I stripped myself from my dirty and foul smelling clothes and stepped into the warm bath. It was wonderful, I couldn't remember the last time I had bathed and I almost moaned as I sat back in the large tub.

I preferred showers over baths, but damn did it feel good to just get clean. I scrubbed myself down twice, desperately getting rid of any residue of that awful cell. I washed my hair and brushed it through with my fingers. When I thought I was all clean I stepped out and sometime while I was bathing someone set a dress out for me.

It was a pretty little thing, and fit surprisingly well. It was a dark red, darker than blood, although my blood was now an odd blue. It had a terribly uncomfortable corset that made my breasts seem larger and I almost thought they were planning for me to be the queen's whore, but I would knew I would never let myself do that.

The bottom of the dress was thin and flowed to my feet and it had two large slits on the sides that revealed my legs. The sleeves were at least long and covered my arms, covered them just enough for me to be able to slip any weapon I saw into them.

A servant woman walked in just as I finished dressing and fixed my hair and nails then put a few cosmetics on my face then clasped cuffs, like manacles, on my wrists and ankles before leaving without a single word. The cuffs didn't stop me from moving freely but I bet I wouldn't be able to escape with them if I was stupid enough to try.

If I had a mirror I bet I looked decent, maybe even pretty, but that was my last thought when Trystan returned to take me to his queen.

The rest of where he took me was much nicer than the prison I was in, probably the palace or castle, whatever they call it. The halls were white marble rather than black and everything was brighter, and also lit by candles not lights.

"You are much more pleasant to look at now." He said. 

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?" I asked.

"I was told to be nice, and you should be happy to know you aren't permitted to stay in a cell anymore." He said.

"Your queen should be happy she has a Tyg imprisoned if what you told me before is true." I said.

He shrugged. "No clue what her plans for you are." He said then stopped before a set of large double doors, beautiful and large doors with gilded floral designs.

He threw the doors open, revealing a throne room bigger than my old apartment. There was a queen and king atop two thrones on a dais and a man, Julian, standing just beside the dais.

"Your Tyg, as promised." Trystan said by way of greeting. My eyes widened, how could he talk to the king and queen like that?

"Bring her here." The queen ordered with nothing soft in her voice. Nothing that would suggest she isn't the wise and cunning queen I created in my head. I swallowed and followed Trystan up to the dais.

There were many people in the room, just staring at me as I approached their queen. I payed them no attention and walked with surprising confidence. I kept my chin high and back straight as I stalked towards the king and queen. I let my dress open and reveal my legs with the cuffs on my ankles. 

I was a lot paler since I hadn't been in the open in a while and on the back wall there were tall windows with only darkness beyond them. It would be easier to hide at night, but harder for me to know where I was going.

We stopped in front of the dais and both of us bowed before the royals.

"Her name is... Raylan, mother." Trystan said to the queen, probably having to recall my name. So, if the queen was his mother then he must be a prince and if Julian is his brother then they both are princes. Interesting.

The queen tapped her nails on her throne and motioned for us to stand. We obeyed and Trystan took a spot next to Julian.

"Come closer." She ordered me. I did so, careful not to get too close considering the many guards in the room. Twenty-two, if I counted correctly and there weren't any hidden somewhere. Definitely no escaping then.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer. I heard the guards shift, likely reaching for their weapons.

She pulled me down until I was kneeling before her. She gripped my face in her hands and studied me. 

"Pretty thing." She said. "Where do you come from?" The king asked me. I looked at him and like his queen he had no kindness in his face.

I stood again and stepped off the dais. There were a few gasps, I wasn't told I could leave my spot kneeling before the queen but I didn't care, she wasn't my queen and this wasn't my world.

"The United States, your highness." I answered.

"A Tyg living in the human world, how were you not found?" He asked.

"I suppose I was, considering I was hunted and nearly killed." I said. "Your highness." I added. It was the only explanation for those men who first shot me in the mountains back home.

The king looked me over, no hint to what he was thinking in his face. "The Tyg laws are very strict, only one daughter per family. Perhaps that is why you were sent there." The king said.

"Pardon me, but I know nothing of these Tyg you speak of and I don't really know where we are, your highness." I said.

"This all must be very confusing for you, but don't be afraid girl, no more harm will come to you now." The king said.

I dipped my head. "Thank you for your consideration, highness." I said. He nodded. "Take her to her room." He said and that was that.

Three guards led me away to a room, my room and left me alone. They didn't bother removing my cuffs and I just stood there looking at the exquisite and huge bedroom. There was a bed that seemed small in the large room, but it was definitely big enough to fit many people.

The tub in the bathroom was twice the size of the one from when I bathed after I was brought out of the prison. I snorted at all the elegant and expensive things in my room. 

It was themed with blues and accents of gold and there were tall windows covering the left wall. I went to the windows immediately, but I couldn't open them. They wouldn't be foolish enough to let me go through the windows of course.

"It'll be quite a while before you are allowed access to a balcony or open window, I bet you understand." A voice said behind me. I snapped around to face them. Trystan, of course he won't stop leaving me alone.

"And here I thought I could get peace and quiet again outside of that cell. Maybe I could go back and be forgotten again." I said.

"Oh, trust me, sweetheart, you weren't forgotten." He said.

"Really?" I said approaching him. "And what did you remember, I bet it was when I was shirtless in your arms." I added. "Not exactly, but glad to see you remember that little moment." He said. His stare roved over me and lingered on my breasts. "Although, I didn't quite forget those...moments either." He said, again meeting my eyes.

Anger flickered in my eyes but I quickly put back on my face of calm. "Suppose we both have plenty of memories that involve no shirts." I said. "Suppose so." He said, taking a step closer to me. "Thought you didn't want to see another inch of my body, men can't seem to help themselves though." I said and took a cautious step back.

"We are not men, because we are not human, I am a Breg male." He said. "There's no difference in bed." I said. "Well then, I'll have to prove you wrong." He purred. "I'll be the judge on who can prove me wrong on this. If you'll excuse me, I would love some sleep." I said and gestured to the door.

I turned and didn't wait to see if he was gone before letting the dress slide off to the floor. I felt like I could finally breathe without it on as I strolled to the bed and slipped in. He indeed watched as I undressed and when I raised a brow at him still standing there he finally left.

I laughed to myself, good, let him come to me, crave me. It'll make manipulating and controlling him so much easier. The moment I get my hands on a weapon perhaps I'll take his offer to join my bed and use the opportunity to kill him and escape, because I will not let anyone responsible for keeping me in that cell live before I got the hell out of that place.


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