Part two ~ Texting my Bully | lrh

When Luke moves away, meets The Anton Twins, Malory and mercy, & starts to fall for Malory will his feelings for Leila start to Dissapear?

Stay tuned for Book 3 ~
Will Luke find and win Leila after 5 years of being in hiding?

If you haven't read the first story, please do!


7. Chapter 3 - secrets

Luke's P.O.V.

It's been exactly 3 weeks since I've moved here to Melbourne. And every day is the same routine. Wake up, Eat Breakfast, Take a Shower, Brush my teeth, get Dressed, and go across the Street to the Anton's. I have yet to meet this Mystery Mum of theirs. She's been gone this entire 3 weeks, and I can tell that The twins are bummed out about it. So this morning, I thought I'd do something different. I picked up my phone from off of the counter and and dialed a number I hadn't called in a while. It took about 3 to 4 rings for him to answer. "Hello?" Calum sighed through the phone, I could tell he had been sleeping. "Sorry to wake you mate. You got any plans today?" I said cheekily "Luke? Bro, is that you?" He said, sounding a bit surprised. "Yea. Cal, it's me" I chuckled "Dude, Leila's going to be so relieved to hea-" calum began before I interrupted him "no cal. You can't tell Leila anything." I sighed, my heart sank into my stomach. just hearing her name hurt like hell. "Why? She's worried sick mate". I thought to myself for a second "it's just..." I began "it's Better if she doesn't know." I added "okay, I understand." Calum said slowly "so, what do you need?" He said after a few moments of silence. "How fast can you get to Melbourne?" I asked as I bit my lip nervously "Melbourne?" He asked "I'm not sure.." He added "come on man, I need a favor" I begged "okay, I'll be there by around noon, text me the address" he sighed "alright, thanks cal." I said excitedly "but mate!" I screamed through the phone before he had a chance to hang up "what?!" He screamed back "don't tell anyone where your going or why. I don't want any one following you either" I explained "I get it. See you soon bud." He said before hanging up "yes!" I said as I put my phone into my pocket and headed across the street.

Calum's P.O.V.

"I get it." I sighed through the phone before continuing "see you soon, bud." I said as I hung up the phone "who was that?" I hear a cheerful voice say from behind me "huh?" I jump a little before noticing that it's Leila. " who were you talking to?" She asked, a hopeful look in her eyes. I couldn't stand lying to her "just a friend." I sighed "was it-" she began "no Leils." I said sternly "it wasn't Luke." I added "oh." She said as she looked down at her feet.

It's killing me having to keep this from her. "Listen Leila, maybe it's better for you to forget about Luke for a while? Yea?" I said as I gave her a weak smile "cal, you know I can't." She said sadly "you should." I said harshly as I grabbed my shoes and started to put them on "where are you-" she began to ask "somewhere!" I scoffed "do you need to know everything I do?" I finished tying my shoes and grabbed my car keys. "When are -" she began again "no!" I shouted "let me do something on my own for once." I added before opening the door and slamming it behind me. I walked over to my red car, hopped in, and sped off. "Good god Lucas, this better be important." I whispered to myself.

Leila's P.O.V.

"When are you-" I began to ask before he cut me off again "no!" He shouted "let me do something on my own for once." He added before walking out the front door and slamming it behind him. I heard his car speed off, and Michael enter the living room. "You okay Leils?" He asked as he took a seat on the couch, inviting me to sit down with him. "I'll be fine Mike." I sighed as I plopped down on the couch beside him. he switched on the Television and put on 13 Reasons Why, a show Luke and I started but never finished, I sighed before chuckling to myself"I always am."



Heyyyyy (: so I did this chapter a little differently ❤️ I wrote it in the perspectives of 3 of the characters. Let me know if you like it this way or if I should stick to the original format! ❤️ Love you all -xxkenzi

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This question is kinda for you but how did you decide to use five seconds of summer instead of another band or just random names

~Answer # 1~

Well, I've liked 5 Seconds Of Summer for a good 4 1/2 years now, and in the early stages of me listening to their music and watching their many interviews, I decided decided to check out an app that many of my friends recommended to me. That app was Wattpad. So, I downloaded the app, and made an account. I started reading 5SOS fanfiction, and it really intrigued me. More than any other fanfiction, or Novels. So 5 Seconds Of Summer have always been my main Target for writing stories. It makes me feel more connected to the stories and characters💙

Thank you so much for the question!



Feel free to ask me, or any of the characters a question!

Love you all

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