Part two ~ Texting my Bully | lrh

When Luke moves away, meets The Anton Twins, Malory and mercy, & starts to fall for Malory will his feelings for Leila start to Dissapear?

Stay tuned for Book 3 ~
Will Luke find and win Leila after 5 years of being in hiding?

If you haven't read the first story, please do!


5. Chapter 2 - jealousy

Leila's P.O.V.

"Don't worry Leils, he'll call." Calum said soothingly. Hes been coming over quite a lot lately since Luke moved away, and I've really enjoyed his company. "He won't." I sighed "he's Luke Hemmings" I added "so?" Calum said as he put a hand on my shoulder "he loves you" he smiled. "Calum." I sighed sympathetically "I know it pains you to mention Luke and I know it hurts you to talk about Luke and his feelings." I smiled and hugged him tightly "but thank you for comforting me anyways" I let go of him and he smiled weakly. "I just want you to be happy" he whispered as he tucked a loose strand of hair being my ear and leaned in for a kiss. Just before our lips met, Michael stormed into the living room, where me and calum we're sitting, and supposed to be, finishing the last few episodes of 13 Reasons Why.

"GUYS!!" Michael shouted as he ran over to us "what's up?" Calum said as he scooted away from me slightly. "Yea, what's wrong?" I said slowly "it's Luke." He sighed, as he gave me a sympathetic look and showed us his phone. It was pictures screen shotted from Instagram. "Who's @a.lory_anton?" Calum asked as he flicked through the screenshots on michaels phone. "Let me see?" I asked as he handed me the phone. It was pictures of Luke with some other people, most likely new friends. One was of a girl on Luke's back. Another was of A guy sitting next to Luke as they are food at some fast food place. But the one that got to me particularly, was The last one. It was of Luke kissing the girls cheek. I immediately took out my phone and searched the boy and girls instagram. They each had an individual one, then they had a spam account that they shared. The girls account was @a.lory_anton , the boys account was @e.rcy_anton , and the one they shared was @anton_twinspam. I followed all three and to my surprise they followed back within the next 5 minutes. "Who was the girl?" Calum asked "I have no idea" Michael shrugged his shoulders as we both put our phones in our back pockets. I looked down at my feet before responding. "Hopefully nobody important"



Hey guys! So this chapter is super short and I'm sorry 💕 but today's the last day of school and I'm currently in 4th period pretending to watch The Emperors New Groove. Today is a pretty sad day for me and most of my friends, but hay, there's always next year right? Anyways, I hope this story is going well according to you guys! But I must warn you: DRAMA IS COMING. And I mean A LOT of drama. 😂💞 I may do a character Q & A at the end of every other chapter, so if you want to ask ANY of the characters any questions, feel free! 💭 love you all -xxkenzie

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