Part two ~ Texting my Bully | lrh

When Luke moves away, meets The Anton Twins, Malory and mercy, & starts to fall for Malory will his feelings for Leila start to Dissapear?

Stay tuned for Book 3 ~
Will Luke find and win Leila after 5 years of being in hiding?

If you haven't read the first story, please do!


2. •Chapter 1• [release date]

Hey guys! I'm publishing the first chapter on Tuesday, May 30th. Which is tomorrow!! I can't wait to see your guys' reactions to the new characters and relationships! I actually need a few names for the story, if you want me to use your name or there's a name that you really like, then please comment it, and it'll most likely appear in the story! I love you all so much for reading this Terrible story! It's honestly not my BEST work, but for some reason whenever I write a new chapter I get lost in Luke and Leila's world that I've created, it's a surreal feeling. Anyways, like I said, I love you all and I hope you all enjoy what I've come up with!

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