Part two ~ Texting my Bully | lrh

When Luke moves away, meets The Anton Twins, Malory and mercy, & starts to fall for Malory will his feelings for Leila start to Dissapear?

Stay tuned for Book 3 ~
Will Luke find and win Leila after 5 years of being in hiding?

If you haven't read the first story, please do!


4. Chapter 1 - Hypnotic

A/N; I've decided to not make a prologue, cause I'm super busy! Hopefully this doesn't disappoint any of you!


Malory's P.O.V.

"Malory" My twin brother Mercy shouted from the kitchen. I sighed and got up from my spot on the couch as soon as I got to where Mercy was, I knew what was wrong. "I burnt the pancakes.." He frowned as he pointed towards the stove which had burnt pancake batter stuck to it. "How do you burn batter onto a nonstick pan Merc?" I said in awe. "I've explained this to you before." He began "the kitchen hates me" he claimed. I rolled my eyes as I looked around the dirty kitchen. "You better clean up this mess before mum sees it and literally murders you." I chuckled. Mercy has always feared our mum the most. "Oh, yeah I almost forgot to tell you, mom left a note for us on the table in the living room this morning" he smiled, giving me an odd feeling "what'd it say?" I raised a brow. "She'll be gone for the next few days" he said as he began to try and scrape off the batter from the stove. "Business trip?" I asked "business trip." He sighed "of course" i said as my eyes fell to the floor. Our mum is never home anymore, most teenagers would be probably be happy with their mum or dad gone all of the time, but not me and Mercy. It was hard without our mum home believe it or not. "She said in the note that she wouldn't be long" Mercy attempted to cheer me up "like I haven't heard that one before" I scoffed "it'll be fun" Mercy reassured me "we'll see about that, now, won't we?" I stifled a laugh "hey at least it's Sunday." He chuckled as he finally gave up his attempt to clean the kitchen and skipped into the dinning room, where I have always migrated to think about things that we're bothering me. "And that's supposed to make me feel better?" I scoffed as I sat down on the ledge by the window and observed objects outside. "There's School tomorrow" he stated "ugh." I pretended to gag as something caught my eye, a boy? Mercy continued to talk as if I was listening but I was too focused on the tall blonde boy across the street who was standing next to a U-Haul truck. He was wearing black sunglasses, a white and black SnapBack, black skinny jeans with a rip in one knee, and a black Nirvana muscle tee. I couldn't quite tell the direction he was looking in since he was wearing tinted sunglasses, until he waved at me and I literally fell onto the floor and curled up into a ball. He caught me STARING at him. How embarrassing. "-so school isn't really that bad" Mercy finished his rant about school that I wasn't really listening to, and noticed me on the ground. "You okay sis?" He giggled as he sat down on the carpeted floor next to me. "No. My life is ruined" I mumbled "how so?" He asked, seeming amused "there's a boy across the street and he totally just saw me looking at h-" I began to say as the doorbell rang "I'll get it" I said as I stood up and brushed off my legs "we'll get it" he corrected me with a smile as we both walked over to the door. Mercy opened it swiftly and as soon as I saw who it was, I slammed the door shut. It was him. "That's the boy!" I whispered to Mercy "what boy?" He asked "from across the street that caught me l-" I began to say as we both heard a voice shouting from outside "hey!" The boy shouted "I'm Luke. I'm new." He added "listen, I really don't know anybody here." He sounded persistent. I like it. "My mum said that the guy who sold us the house told her that people my age live here and that I should come introduce myself.." He rambled as I looked through the peephole. I know exactly who sold them the house. My friend Savannah's uncle. he used to live there. I decided to open the door finally. "Hey, sorry about that." Mercy said with an apologetic smile "yeah, must've been the wind." I added "well, hi I'm Luke."

Luke's P.O.V.

"Hey sorry about that." The curly brown haired boy said with a friendly smile "yeah must've been the wind" the girl added with a nervous laugh. Bullshit. I thought to myself. I saw her checking me out from all the way across the street. "Well, hi I'm Luke" I said kindly as i put out my hand for them each to shake. "Mercy." The boy said "Malory." The girl followed. "You're welcome to come inside if you want" Mercy suggested "thanks." I smiled as I walked through the door. I noticed Malory staring at me "something catch your eye?" I said as I took off my glasses and winked playfully before putting them back on. Right away, I could tell I had her. Hook, line, and sinker. After all, I didn't move away from everything I've ever known, including Leila, for nothing. I smirked at my cleverness and sat down on their couch. "Our mums out of town for a few days." Malory said, trying to start simple conversation. "Ah. That's a Shame. I would've loved to meet her." I did the best I could to act I actually gave a shit. "Yeah, she's the best." Malory sighed as she sat down next to me. I saw her staring at me from the corner of my eye and decided it was time for me to strike again "wanna take a picture?" I asked as I faced towards her, taking off my sunglasses and hooking them on my shirt. "Huh?" She asked as she blinked a few times, obviously confused. "It'll last longer" I said with a devious grin as I played with the lip ring I had gotten for my 16th birthday back in grade 10. She laughed nervously and i could already feel Mercy glaring at me. I could already tell these next few years were going to be fun. At that moment, my phone went off. DING! DING! I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and saw I received a text.

Leila: hey, Luke. Did you arrive safely?

I shook my head, resisting the urge to text her back. Malory looked up at me. "Who's that?" She asked. I shut off my phone and slid it back into my pocket before responding with a smile. "Nobody important"



Hey guys! OMG ITS FINALLY HERE!! I feel like I'm more excited than I should be😂💕 I love you all!! Let me know what you think!

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