The Meilone

You have been invited to the Meilone! We ask you to leave your lives behind and let our lovely resort engulf you in its walls of luxury! But watch out! If you aren't careful you might not ever want to leave!


1. The Ad

     Taking the bus was always a peaceful experience for Fay Howard. She took four buses each day, two on the way to work and two on the way back from work. It was never hard to space out while listening to music and watching the world past by outside the bus window. But today Fay had forgot her headphones at home in a rush to leave the house and also her umbrella. Though she didn't mind getting wet, it was the end of the day and she had no one to impress with her freshly ironed hair. At home no one waited for her but her mother who was probably already in bed. It was another predictable day and it seemed like that was the never ending story of her life. 

    "Wait! That was my stop!" Yelled the voice of a woman from the back of the bus. The bus stopped sharply and Fay could hear the woman in the back struggling to get her stuff together in a hurry. Fay felt a sudden rush of pity for the woman, you never wanted to miss your stop but you would rather miss it than potentially leave something important behind. 

     The woman ran off the bus not looking back to see if she left anything. Fay will look back at this very moment and wonder why she turned back look for the woman instead. She had never paid much attention to the other passengers on the bus but without headphones she guessed that she could not space them out. So she turned out of habit to look and saw a piece of newspaper laying on the woman's seat. She looked back to the front of the bus and the woman was gone. Fay figured that the woman wouldn't miss a piece of newspaper anyways. But Fay got up anyways to collect the piece of newspaper left behind. She did this without thinking, moving as if out of habit. Like she always took things that belonged to strangers left on the bus. She looked down at the newspaper and saw an ad that was circled in blue pen.

        Come and join us at The Meilone! Our luxury resort offers you a grand ball room, in door spa and pool,  a lovely garden surrounded by snow covered mountain,  skiing, and so much more! Packages start at $596 ! We would love to hear from you, 866-777-4987! 

     Fay read the ad with very little interest, she had just lost her boyfriend (once again) and had no interest in vacationing alone. She had just turned 25, finished her finals, and the year was ending in the nursery she worked in. She would have one week off before camp started but the thought of spending it alone hadn't hit her until now. She knew that her mom would have no problem giving her work to do around the house and she didn't mind being productive. But the thought of another summer going by without doing something memorable got to her. She had grown to think of herself as a woman that didn't need a man to center her life. But when she looked back on her life she realized that she had always waited for one to plan vacations or just simple trips with. Maybe the fact that she had no car or license contributed to that but at a resort you didn't need a car or a license. There seems to be a lot you can do there without really leaving the resort. And with that thought she stuck the newspaper page in her bag turning back to the window.

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