Call it Suicide

The Diary of a young girl suffering from Depression, self harm, and suicidal ideations.


7. Six


Oh lord, honestly if Mackenzie only today when we were outside and she was meeting with the doctor I legit said, "Where's Mackenzie."  Val looks at me, smiles, and goes "I don't know, but i'm here."  And lol idk if I regret saying this nor not, but I go "Mackenzie is better, I wish she was out here.  Honestly, I feel like a horrible person bc I don't really know how to act around people I really like.  And good god I really do like Mackenzie.  It's just something about her makes me like her so much.  she's amazing.  And honestly, idk why she likes me so much, but I do know that I'm going to be there for her for whatever she needs.  Whether that be a friend, girlfriend, accquantience, anything. I'm there.  Ugh honestly this sounds so weird.  So I'm gonna stop for the night before I write pages and pages on her.

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