Call it Suicide

The Diary of a young girl suffering from Depression, self harm, and suicidal ideations.


8. Seven


Isn't it great when the one person you think cares about you decides nope I don't anymore and just drops you on the ground?  Yup that's how I feel right now, alone, uncared for, and just overall nothing.  Like why do people think it's okay to lead people on and tell them s*** that doesn't even make sense and isn't even true?  Then they come back wishing and wanting for even more attention then they did at first.  Like no, I'm not your F****** dog toy to chew on, then you need a new one because the old one is ruined.  God damn it, common.  Don't tell me you care about me and then turn right back around and chop and burn that tree down.  Don't make me believe and get my hopes up for something when you know it will never happen.  But then you there you go again doing the same thing day after day, making me continously fall for you, and not giving a f*** to it.  I have feelings too and when y'all can't see that, that's when I start getting bitchy, so why doesn't everyone leave my feelings the f*** alone!

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