Call it Suicide

The Diary of a young girl suffering from Depression, self harm, and suicidal ideations.


2. One


Got out of Highlands again...don't know what to think.  It was different this time.  This time I think I started to like someone...and yeah that wasn't the best idea to grow close to someone like that, but I couldn't help it.  Honestly she was so freaking amazing.  I heard her story and realized just how strong she really was.  Her name came to mean everything to me.  Mackenzie.  Every time it was called, I'd turn also.  Every time she cried that's all I wanted to do as well.  But at first honestly all I could think about was how could someone as amazing as that ever fall for me?  Of course drama happen, it was a mental hospital after all, and I found out she did like me.  And now I'm laying here n bed and I can't get her out of my head.  I just want to talk to her as impossible as that is.  I watched the clock all tonight remembering what they were doing and wondering what she was doing at that same moment.  I legit don't know what's happening or what to do.  Everything has changed so fast, but the fact still remains: I have an insane crush on Mackenzie.

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