These Scars


1. one

note: this was inspired by a writing prompt i found on reddit. i hope you enjoy this story as much as i enjoyed writing it! 


TALLIS DALCA was trouble and everyone knew it.

For some reason, Lucia could never stray away from trouble. She always ended up in the centre of it all.

Tallis was certainly strange. Lucia had known it from the first time she laid eyes on him. The first time she met him, she was fifteen years old but already had scars trailing up her arms and peeking out from the collar of her shirt. Tallis, only two years older than her, had already become a prodigy. He was one of the ones you would often hear about, the subject of hushed whispers in classrooms, the deadly ones.

She was small and fragile, but she knew exactly what she wanted as she approached him. She hadn't known what to expect of his physical appearance. He had a built figure with a mop of tousled black hair. Tallis wasn't looking at her as he leaned against the hard brick wall, defined scarless arms folded across his broad chest. He was only a year older than Lucia, but he already towered over her. 

"Tallis Dalca." Lucia had straightened, chin jutting forwards.

He kept his head down but his gaze met hers. He had a strong jaw with a straight nose and eyes that were so dark, they looked black. He had a slight stubble than ran across his jaw and the hollows of his cheeks. "That's me," he'd said, his voice too rough and deep for a seventeen year old boy. "What do you want?"

Lucia kept her gaze steady as she said, "I want training. Train me like you'd train one of your own."

Tallis had laughed—the worst possible reaction. He eyed her momentarily before shaking his head. "You're a hopeless case, little girl. You'd never make it out here."

"Maybe not now," said Lucia, voice firm and hard, "but with some training, I could prove you wrong."

Tallis had pushed himself off the wall and started walking deeper down the dark alleyway. She could hear the annoyance creeping into his voice as he said, "Don't waste my time."

Lucia had followed after him. "Why don't you have any scars?" Tallis didn't stop walking but she could tell that he was tense. "How did you do it? Manage to remain free of scars?"

"I don't lie." 

"That's not an answer," Lucia had said, daringly.

Tallis whipped around to face her. He snarled. "You don't want to cross me, Lucia. I give answers when I want to."

Lucia had left shortly after that. Their first encounter wasn't ideal but she hadn't given up. She remained insistent and slowly but surely, she gained Tallis' trust and two years later, she earned her place on his team.

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