• ♦ Only You ♦ • ~ Jung Hoseok ~

Lee So Yeon... the most average twenty-year-old girl you could meet. Although her story may seem like nothing, she holds many secrets. At just the age of eight, her mother was shot and murdered by the man she least expected it to be. And for over a decade she would have to carry that weight.

After her mother died, her older brother Kim Seokjin stood up as the man of the house, and kept after So Yeon. But after a nearly fatal accident, Jin is in the hospital, fighting for his life. As her depression worsens, and she thinks that all hope is lost, only one other person can help her through it. Jung Hoseok.

Their love for each other slowly blossoms, and she finds herself opening up to the world and finding her way out of darkness surrounding her. Even at her lowest points.


3. Two - Scars

"So Yeon?" Asks Hoseok through the closed door. "You okay?" I hear the doorknob shift and click before he slowly walks in. Seokjin is behind him, holding a first-aid kit.

I pull back my long, black hair, combing it messily through my fingers. My soft blanket covers my legs, and I pull it closer to my body.

"Hey, what's going on?" Yoongi knocks before entering. "Is everything good?"

"Yeah, um... I'm fine." I mumble, even though I'm still pissed at him.

Hoseok is looking at his phone screen, the blue-white light casting a haze over his pale skin.

"I have to go, Chanmi needs me at home." Hoseok says, looking out the doorway. Lee Chanmi is his older sister and is always bothering him for one reason or another.

"I should probably go with him," Yoongi says back. Not only was Chanmi Hoseok's sister, but Yoongi's girlfriend as well. She and I had grown up together, but I never liked her that much. She's self-centered, rich, and stuck up. I'm glad Hoseok didn't end up like her...

"Alright, drive safe you two." Says Seokjin, waving them off. He's always looking out for his younger friends, and his older ones, too. "Now, to fix you up."

Jin pulls at my arm, immediately applying alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to clean the new cuts. I hiss through my teeth at the stinging pain, tears coming to the corners of my eyes. Once he cleans them, he bandages them, making sure the gauze is tight enough to stop the bleeding, but loose enough to let my wrist breathe.

"I was thinking we could go visit Mom tomorrow..." I begin, trying to make conversation. "You know... instead of next week,"

"I don't see why not. An early birthday seems like fun." Jin nods, taking it into consideration. We had been going to her grave every year for her birthday, ever since that one day. The memory flashed before my eyes again like it always did, but I let it pass.... like I always did.

"Where's the blade, So Yeon?" Jin asks, breaking me from my trance.

"It's on the kitchen counter, next to the medicine cabinet." I reply very quietly. He nods, kisses the top of my head, and turns the light back off before he leaves.

Seokjin has always been so caring towards me, that I sometimes thought that he would act in a motherly way more often than as a normal brother.

Seokjin's Point of View

Even though it was only a small patch of cuts, I still worried. I threw away the blade after wrapping it in a paper towel, ignoring the blood stains. Hopefully, when we leave tomorrow, she'll be able to be happy.

What would I do when I can't be there for her? How would she be able to live after I'm gone?

Time Skip... The Next Morning, 9:00 A.M.

I see So Yeon walk down the stairs in her usual outfit for when we visit Mom- a long, black dress, silver sandals, and a Dutch braid trailing down her back. The dress she wears belonged to Mom before she died, but it was given to So Yeon as a gift. Before that, our grandmother gave that dress to Mom, and so on. I guess you could say it's been passed down through the family.

We both sit down at the dining room table so that she can take her medication, and eat something.

"Aish, I can never get this right..." I mumble, fumbling with my tie. I had decided to wear a casual suit today as well and bring some other things to set at Mom's grave.

"You still haven't learned to tie that thing?" So Yeon smiles at me, seeing me struggle with the tie. In fact, I've always struggled when it came to tying anything. My sister gestures me towards her, then ties it herself. "Really, Jin, you have it all knotted up!" Once she finally ties it correctly, she picks up the white roses from the vase on the table. Grabbing my car keys, we head out.

Later, At The Church
So Yeon's Point of View

"This place hasn't changed at all lately, has it?" I ask to no one in particular. "Even the cherry blossom trees and the bird's nests look the same." I pick up flower petals from the ground, blowing them off my palms and watching as they drift back down to the grass. Jin leads the way, and we walk up past the church, and into the back rows of gravestones.

We soon reach the whitest, cleanest granite gravestone at the very end of the meadow, with a green, luscious willow tree cascading over the land.

As Jin places the roses and other small gifts on the base of the grave, I light a stick of incense. It burns slowly, and I watch it curl up and fall to the ground in soft ashes.

We say our last goodbyes and walk back down to the car. When we reach the curb, I hesitate before getting in. I stare at my reflection in the tinted glass of the window, thinking about the events of today.

Just visiting my mom's grave, and letting her know I was doing well... made me feel more lighthearted. I knew she was watching over me, and keeping me safe this whole time, and I vowed today while I talked to her that I would change, and--

"So Yeon!" Jin screams from beside me.


I scream and cover my ears, crouching as I am shoved hard back to the curb. My ears are ringing, and my head is in agonizing pain. As I open my eyes to see what happened, I see a car speeding away around the corner, and Seokjin lying on the ground unconscious.

Or, at least, I think he's unconscious.

Oh, god... Oh, god I hope he's unconscious.

"Jin! Seokjin! Yah, wake up!" I yell, but nothing happens. I can't find a heartbeat, I can't hear him breathing. Tears spill down my face as I struggle to take my cell phone out of my pocket. Even though the screen is cracked, I can still dial 911.

Why did this have to happen today?! If I lose my brother, my one family member, all hope is lost for me. Seokjin practically raised me, stood up when my mother couldn't. He was the one who took care of my wounds, hugged me during nightmares, and gave me the life that was always supposed to be better, stronger.

I held Jin's hand and stayed with him until the ambulance came and took him away.

Whatever happened now, would all be up to destiny and pure luck.

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