• ♦ Only You ♦ • ~ Jung Hoseok ~

Lee So Yeon... the most average twenty-year-old girl you could meet. Although her story may seem like nothing, she holds many secrets. At just the age of eight, her mother was shot and murdered by the man she least expected it to be. And for over a decade she would have to carry that weight.

After her mother died, her older brother Kim Seokjin stood up as the man of the house, and kept after So Yeon. But after a nearly fatal accident, Jin is in the hospital, fighting for his life. As her depression worsens, and she thinks that all hope is lost, only one other person can help her through it. Jung Hoseok.

Their love for each other slowly blossoms, and she finds herself opening up to the world and finding her way out of darkness surrounding her. Even at her lowest points.


4. Three - Repeat

Beep... Beep... Beep....

I listen and look upon the heart monitor next to Jin. Even though I sit and seem relaxed, I am hurting on the inside. I start to cry again, and lay my bead on his sleeping chest, listening to him breathe.

"I'm so sorry," I mutter, squeezing my eyes shut. "If I had never even decided to go early... if I had never decided to start cutting again... if I never even existed... then all of this would never have happened. Sometimes... I truly do wish I were gone...."

This is just a repeat, a replay of what happened fifteen years ago...

I keep sobbing until I feel him shift under me and snap my head up. But that's all he does... is move his head. Suddenly, Hoseok bursts through the door, breathing heavily with sweat shining on his forehead.


What is he doing here?

Hoseok's Point of View

So Yeon's face is streaked with tears, something I've all but seen too much of. She instantly looks towards me and rises to her feet. I offer her the box of tissues from the bedside table, and she takes it slowly. Before I came into the room, I heard her talking to Jin, and it broke my heart. He's her lifeline, her main support for each and every day, twenty-four seven.

"W-what are you doing here?" She stutters. "Shouldn't you be at home with Yoongi and Chanmi?" I sit down on one of the chairs in the hospital room, and she follows suit, sitting right next to me.

"Yeah, but I needed to make sure you two were alive first," I reply. I slip a couple loose strands of hair behind her ear and search her eyes for anything... anything that will let me know she's okay and that she can take this healthily. Because, based on what I was told, Jin may not live. He has a severe concussion, and a lot of broken bones. If he lives, it will be a record, a miracle.

"But where's Yoongi? Isn't he coming?" She asks, looking towards the closed door. I try and find a way to tell her that Yoongi could care less without hurting her feelings. I decide to say the first reckless thing that comes to mind instead.

"He couldn't come since he's... busy doing other things. I told him he should come, but he's out with Chanmi. I'm sorry."

Her sadness instantly turns into anger. I probably should have kept my mouth shut, I'm only making things worse now.

"What the hell?!" So Yeon says, her voice getting louder. "Why did Seokjin even become friends with him in the first place? All he's ever done is not care, and never be there when we needed him. He's so selfish and ignorant, no wonder Chanmi worships him!" She stands and is about to run. For years, she'd only run from her problems, and never had the strength to conquer them. Before she gets to the door, I take a hold of her wrist. Pulling her back towards me, I wrap my arms around her small figure. She is warm, and I can smell her favorite perfume.

Not once does she resist, but stands still for a second before returning the gesture. I feel a wetness on my shoulder, and look to see her crying again.

"Shh..." I try and calm her down. "You want some strawberry ice cream?" She nods against my chest and looks up at me.

"And gummy bears, too?" So Yeon pouts. She looks so cute like this, honestly. I smile and laugh a bit, rolling my eyes.

"And gummy bears, too." I pull away and take my car keys from my pocket.

So Yeon's Point of View

We pull up to the nearest ice cream parlor, and park the car closest to the door, our usual parking spot.

I find it nerve-wracking that Jin had put up with Yoongi for this long. All those nights where we had invited him over and he wouldn't show up, or he would show up, but half-drunk and with another girl other than Chanmi.

Even though Hoseok and I are the same age of twenty, he seems so much more mature and caring. Sometimes, I consider him like a brother alongside Jin. Other times, I am feeling more than that.. 

"You said that you wanted strawberry and gummy bears, right?" Hoseok asks, looking up and choosing his own treat.

"Yeah, thanks." I begin to pull out my wallet. But before I can pull out my money, Hoseok swipes his card. Even though I insisted I could pay for myself, he paid anyway. "Oh, you didn't have to--"

"Don't worry about it," is all he says before leading me to one of the booths in the back of the parlor. We take our ice creams and sit, speechless towards one another for a few short seconds. "Do you want me to stay with you a little longer after I drop you off tonight?"

I look at him, surprised by his selflessness. "Sure, if you want to, that would be great." is all I say back to him. After we both finish eating, I smile and point to his cheek, where a splotch of chocolate sits. He still looks confused, so I take a napkin from the dispenser and take it upon myself to wipe it off.

"You had a little something on your face is all," I mumble. He looks down at his lap and smiles, looking a bit embarrassed.

"Thanks," He laughs along with me, subconsciously placing his hand on my shoulder on our way out the door.

With a chime from the bell, we exit the shop and make our way back home.

Later That Evening... So Yeon's House
7:03 P.M.

I walk inside and collapse on the couch, burying my face in the soft pillows. After a stressful day, it felt good to finally relax. Flipping through the various channels on the TV, I see nothing good on worth watching. Well, guess it's just a Netflix movie night tonight... Nothing special.

"Want some?" Hoseok sits next to me, his mouth full of popcorn. I laugh at his little squirrel cheeks, covering my smile. He tilts his head and furrows his brows at me. "Why do you cover your smile? It's pretty."

I feel my cheeks blush a bit at this, and look down, not saying anything. I just turn on the movie, we had decided on The Handmaiden, a drama film that I really liked. As the movie plays through, I find myself getting very sleepy. My head drifts to the side of the cushion on the sofa, and I doze off.

After about five minutes of silence, my cell phone starts ringing, making me jump awake. I frantically search for it, until I find it on the coffee table. With shaky hands, I press the green "accept call button", noticing the number is from the hospital.

"Y...yaboseyo?" I stutter, feeling nervous. There is a long thread of silence, and I'm wondering if anyone is on the other line. Hoseok is looking over my shoulder, probably wondering what the hell is going on. I look back at him, until I hear a voice through the speaker.

"Hello? Is this miss Lee So Yeon?" They ask me.

"Yes, this is she. Is there a problem? It's very late." I say back. There is yet another silence, making the adrenaline coursing through my veins seem all the more lethal.

"It's about your brother, Kim Seokjin."

I gasp... is he... okay?

Then, the nurse utters the two words that I hoped to hear the most... the ones I have wanted to hear since the moment he got put in that hospital. She continues with one last breath.

"Your brother.... he's awake."

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