• ♦ Only You ♦ • ~ Jung Hoseok ~

Lee So Yeon... the most average twenty-year-old girl you could meet. Although her story may seem like nothing, she holds many secrets. At just the age of eight, her mother was shot and murdered by the man she least expected it to be. And for over a decade she would have to carry that weight.

After her mother died, her older brother Kim Seokjin stood up as the man of the house, and kept after So Yeon. But after a nearly fatal accident, Jin is in the hospital, fighting for his life. As her depression worsens, and she thinks that all hope is lost, only one other person can help her through it. Jung Hoseok.

Their love for each other slowly blossoms, and she finds herself opening up to the world and finding her way out of darkness surrounding her. Even at her lowest points.


1. Preface - Suffering

Flashback, July 12, 2005

"Eomma, watch me!" I said, looking up at her from the top of the slide. The plastic was warm under my skin, the hot summer sun heating the playground equipment.

"Be careful up there!" Shouted Seokjin from below. Yoongi was beside him, and a few other boys were as well.

"Come to mommy, So Yeon," said the beautiful woman, smiling and reaching her hands out towards me. I ran forward and went down the slide, watching as I got closer to the hard pavement.

After playing a few more hours, we had walked out of the park to the nearest ice cream store. I had chosen strawberry, as always, with mom and Jin getting chocolate. Jin's friends had long since left for home, cutting our group size in half.

The sky had grown quite dark, and the dim streetlights lit the damp street. I looked at my mother's face, who looked straight ahead. I couldn't make out who or what she was gazing so dearly at. I didn't stop staring either when I saw who it was.

The car was a dark cobalt blue, with tinted black windows. It drove slowly, creeping up to where we stood, like a shadow during a sunset. I let my forgotten ice cream melt over my small hands as I watched in curiosity. Moments later, he stepped out of the vehicle.

He was tall, with solid black clothing. I recognized his face almost instantly. He came to our small apartment often, and was always asking for "his money".

"Where's the payment, Rin?" He asked sternly. Mom looked at Jin, who grabbed me by the wrist taking me back a few feet.

"I swear, I'll have it soon. Just please give me some more time, I can get it--"

"That's what you said last time, damn it. You're already late by two months... Tick tock, Rin. Tick... Tock..."

The burly man pulled out a handgun and pointed it in my mother's direction. I let out a gasp and looked up towards my older brother, who looked just as scared as I did.

I wanted to run and ask her what was going on, but Jin held me and started to walk back further.

"Please, haven't I paid you enough? I should have paid off the debt by now!" She begged. Nothing changed. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation, as he shifted his weight from one leg to another.

"What's going on? I don't understand!" I kept yelling at Jin. He just shook his head. After more arguing, two short, loud shots were heard, and I saw my mother fall to her knees. She clutched her stomach, crying out in pain. She looked back at me, mouthing the word "run".

"Eomma!" I screamed. Just as soon as I had started running towards her, Jin picked me up by the waist and started running back in the direction of our home. Looking behind me, I see my mother's lifeless body. Sirens are heard in the distance, and the tears keep rolling down my porcelain cheeks.

Even as my older brother tried to console me, all I could see in my head was the blood and the anguish it left behind.

And for the next twelve years, it would grasp to me and weigh me down, the memories too hard to bear.

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