"Rejected? Sweetheart, that doesn't happen to me. I'm irresistible." Louis chuckled darkly, leaning in which caused me to lean back, his intimidation scaring me.

"D-Did I say that out loud?" I sputter, covering my mouth in frustration and to prevent him from kissing me.

*rated red until further notice*


1. [ chapter one ]

Sarah Thomas' P.O.V.


I ran my fingers over the smooth surface of my wooden desk, my eyes scanning over the many terms of my dictionary. I enjoy reading, reading the dictionary is a bonus as well, I get to learn so many more definitions and words. All of my friends should know that if they ever - wait! I don't have any friends. That's because I'm an outcast. A geek. A loner. A loser. A freak. A nerd. I don't know why people slap me with these labels, maybe it's because I adore reading and - I admit - suck up to the teachers with my straight A's and politeness.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming, constant teasing and bodies hovering over my shoulder to see what freakish book I was reading this time. It gets annoying, honestly. I don't see it as bullying - not yet - but it was definitely something close to that. I don't understand, why do people bully some one because they're different? Un-like the many cheerleaders that flooded our school, I swear some of them just cut up a shirt to make three shirts out of it, and wear them all the time. It's literally like a scrap of clothing that covers them, barely anything, and it disgusts me.

An obnoxious cackle screeches in my ear, making me snap out of my daze in an instant, but I try to hold back a wince, my body tensing as I feel her vile presence upon me. "So, dork, watcha reading this time? Albert Einstein? Shakespeare? A history text book?" Jenna chuckles to herself lowly as she suddenly swipes my dictionary out of my hands, making me spin around in my desk in fear. I could feel my hands start to shake as she closed the book, glancing at the cover. She raises an eyebrow as she reads it over again, a small smirk itching at the corners of her lips.

"A dictionary? You've got to be kidding me!" She burst out laughing, making me lean back in my desk so the loud volume of her voice wouldn't reach my aching ear drums. I narrow my eyes at her, pursing my lips to defend myself, but instead I look down at my hands that lay in my lap. This has happened to me before. They take something valuable of mine, and they laugh at me, not just Jenna and her squad, but most of the class as well. They don't accept the outcasts, they just trample over them.

The blood drains from my face as she sobers up, but the deafening laughter of the class still swallows me as she flips through the pages of my book, smiling slyly. What is she planning to do? Oh no. I stare at her in disbelief as she glanced up a me, an evil look sparkling in her dark blue eyes, her hands resting at the top of a page. And from there on, I knew what she was going to do.

I bite down on my tongue painfully, to hold back a scream as she rips the page in half. How could she?! My grandfather had gotten that for me on my birthday, the last birthday he ever celebrated with me...and it cost a load of money, and here she was, tearing it apart without considering how I felt at all. "No! Please no!" I yell, petrified, as I began reaching out to grab my book back blindly, but a tight grip pulls me back, making me gasp as I snap my head around my shoulders, only to be greeted with the jock, player of the school, and charmer boy, Louis Evans.

His face is blank, a cold glint clouding in his mossy green eyes as his emotionless stare is set on me. I freeze, his touch making my heartbeat increase to an un-healthy pace. "P-Please don't." I beg, heavy tears blurring my vision and I glance back at Jenna, only to see her grinning in wicked mischief, still easily tearing multiple pages in my book. "Why?" I whisper to myself as a few salty tears slowly drop from my burning eyes, running down my pale cheeks. This was the first time they ever really hurt me emotionally. And it hurt like fire. It felt like they ripped some of my heart away, or they grabbed my throat, choking me till I felt like I couldn't breathe. It was painful to watch her do this to me.

The classroom suddenly went silent as the rough grip on my shoulders released me, making me almost fall onto my desk without being forced back. I lick my lips as I wipe some hot tears from my eyes, breathing heavily as Louis rounds my desk, strolling up to Jenna with large strides. "What the hell are you doing?" Jenna demands, my precious dictionary still held in her grimy hands. I peer down at the many ripped and crumbled pages that surrounded her in piles, making bile raise in my throat. I try to swallow it back, but it consumed me, making my body feel weak as I stare at the ruined thing I desperately loved.

"What's it look like I'm doing?" Louis' deep husky voice asks with a raised eyebrow.

"It looks like you need to see a doctor." She scoffs in irritation, setting a hand on her hip as she glares at him.

"And why might that be? I'm perfectly healthy, Jenna, I assure you. If you're that concerned, I could show you my results on my last check up, which was about two or three days ago." He snaps back, his eyes sharply glaring at her. I watch the two argue, in astonishment, mortified on what the outcome may be.

Then I realized something. Was Louis trying to defend me? I rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming as I slid out of my desk, quietly walking up to Jenna. She was too busy fighting with Louis to notice me, much to my relief. I tug on the thick dictionary that she still gripped in her hand, trying to pull it free. She whips around, slapping me across the face harshly within an instant like she knew I was going to do that. I yelp as I stumble backward, tripping over my desk as heat crawls up my cheeks making them red, tears threatening to spill again.

I hold my cheek, pain spreading throughout it from the stinging slap. I knew it would leave a mark, and for the first time in forever, I might need to wear foundation to cover it up. I crawl to my knees, my back aching from the impact of hitting the desk. I swallow thickly, glancing up to see Jenna fuming with anger as she clenches her hands into fists, running over to me like a mad bull. But she doesn't come any further than a few steps. Because Louis grabs her arm and pulls her back swiftly.

"Get a grip on yourself." He hisses, rolling his eyes as students watch the scene unfold, their jaws dropped.

"Defending the freak, I see?" She seethed, shaking her head in distaste.

Louis throws a glance my way, but instead of coming back with a snarky comeback, he grunts, a misty gaze set on me. "Fuck off." Louis growls, trudging out the door, not bothering to glance at either of us once more. I couldn't help but feel curious, wondering who his words were directed to.

The teacher eyes us carefully, finally interfearing to break up the fight. Gosh, how could Mrs. LaPlante just stand there and watch me get pushed around without saying anything? What a bystander. The consequences for bullying were supposed to be suspension, but I guess nobody cares anymore. "Office, Jenna, now." She says sternly, pointing her index finger towards the door. "Gladly." Jenna snorts and throws my dictionary to the floor, stepping on it as she travels to the door, swaying her hips. I cringe, gazing down at my trampled book.

"Watch your back, Thomas." She ignorantly smirks yet again as she holds up her middle finger, pointing it at me. I quickly look away, my heart aching like she just stabbed me with a knife, and was painfully twisting it. What did I even do?

God, help me.


Well, here's my first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. It took a while to write, but it's finally out. Let me know what you think about it, or just tell me if you hate it. Hopefully my writing will get better in the near future.

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