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Chapter 1

Wolfie and David Threesome

It was a cold winters night, Wolfie, David, and I were trying to sleep when David said "Damn is it cold in here or is it just me?" Wolfie replied " your right Dave it is...... you wanna come and snuggle with me?" David hesitated, but he then went and crawled into the bed with Wolfie, the were about a centimeter away from each other when David felt something rubbing against his back, David Turn over in the bed looked Wolfie in the eyes and said "stop it now your making me hard." Wolfie looked him straight in the eye and said "sorry a small Asian like yourself turns me on I can't help it" Davids cock was about 10 inches now, all the mean while I was lying on the floor, until David told me to get up on the bed, both Wolfie and Davids cocks where hard, so David started to jerk me off, as soon as those little Asian fingers hit my dick I was as hard as a rock with my 9 inch dick. Silvia walked in the room turned on the light saw all the clothes lying on the floor and all of us lying in bed with our

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