The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


7. Entry 7; Fri, Jun 16, 2017

It was a good thing that I wasn't hungry otherwise I might be mad at everyone for leaving me out of a family dinner outing. Oh, wait... I was... THANKS! I am sure that by now you are tired of hearing about my day to day life issue with EVERYONE but here is another one. So I just, like JUST, got out of work found out my mother and father and brother all went out to eat dinner and left me without any. And right now they are watching me from their room because I am outside at the moment. My happy place. I have been following this one thing all day long. "A lady is meant to be seen not heard," I might not be much of a lady but I am female. The only reason I say that is because sometimes stupid people get on my nerves. I like to know one person in the whole FREAKING world who could put up with a stupid person. Wellp, I hate it when my happy place is invaded. My father has just come outside to enjoy being out here. I can't blame him. We are both country people and do not belong here in a city. Of course, he is sitting in a CHAIR. where as I just skip the chair and go straight for the grass. But back on to what I was saying. 

One thing I learned just about myself today is that I have better communication skills with myself than I do anyone else. I can just bearly manage the few words that I do have to say. "Thank you and have a nice day." More like just "Have a nice day" of "Would you like your milk in a bag?" That is all that I can say. I am not happy doing this. Bu my father's OWN WORDS were, " It doesn't matter if you're happy it only matter that you make money." Can you believe it? I can't. That doesn't even sound like my dad. He would say something along the lines of being happy is better. I CAN'T EVEN FAKE A SMILE ANYMORE! I wish that I could keep everyone happy ya know? But I have been talking to myself for most of the day. If only whispering words to myself. Do I need to seek help? Hell, sometimes I even hear voice back. What is scary is that those voices are female AND male. Sometimes both try to talk and sometimes it is only the female. Other times it is only the male. Like I need father AND mother whispering things in my ear telling me both good and bad things.

I also found out, but not today, that I can use my third eye. It is like the 6th sense of something. One good thing about today is that I could see literally EVERYTHING behind me! I loved it. Of course what would have made it better is if someone had tried to scare me but instead had gotten themselves scared. I can see it now. Someone sneaking up behind me, me seeing it and then saying that I see them and hear them and they just run away. Ha. Now that would have made my sad day better.

It didn't work that made me sad today is was all of my haunting thoughts. All my thoughts about Wolfe. I hope that she is reading this. I HOPE that she is. I don't know. But I hope that she see EVERY. SINGLE, WORD, THAT. I. AM. WRITING. It makes me better to know that she is keeping up on life. I haven't talked too much of anyone for a few days now. Shadow isn't talking to me. Wolfe is not talking to me either. IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS! No one wants to talk to me. I am stuck to making comments on Facebook. I am actually getting to the point where I am wondering if I made the right choice to be a vampire. I am thinking about wolves a lot more now. Thinking about fluffy ears and a soft tail. But I know that this is just a phase for me. I have been there I have tried to be a werewolf. The life style is just not for me. But I still can't help but wonder what it would be like to have a tail. lLke a fluffy little tail coming out of your back. I still can't help but wonder about that. 

Nonsense is what I am talking much more about than anything else. I am still very sad about her moving but I just have to let it go. I wonder what school is going to be like next year? I mean I am not going to have many friends anymore. I am going back to that sad girl I was in middle school. The one who stayed in the back of the class taking notes and doing very very well. I wonder if I am going to be able to keep my grades up to all A's this time. No one to talk to. I can still talk to the teachers thought. I mean I will be spending a lot more time after school getting help. I know that much. I just wonder how many tears I am going to send out during the lunches thought. I want to cry right now in fact. But I am not going to. I really want to but I am holding back everything because of a silly little fear. You have heard enough from me tonight. I am going to let you guys go get something to eat and howl at the moon... if I can find it.

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