The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


14. Entry 14; Sun. July 16,2017

I felt the full blast of sunlight on my skin. It hurt like hell but I coped with it. It is about nine o'clock where I am I like it now. I have been outside talking o myself and the dogs who will not listen. I know that I am being watched. By what? No clue. I just feel it. M stomach is hurting like crazy and I feel sick But once more not much I can do about it. I wish I could think and do something other than work and sleep but I just can't come up with anything. I am not in the mood to do anything which, in my opinion, is worst than any punishment that there is. I have to be thinking. I have to be doing something productive in my opinion but I just can't seem to do it. Tomorrow is my brothers birthday. Having a huge party and all. I am not jealous... maybe a little tiny bit but nothing that doing what I love can't take away. I might sound like a teen but I AM ONE. Forever. I am not getting any older at all. I wish that I was thought. It would be nice to feel like I was fitting in somehow. 

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