The Diary of A Vampire Vol. 2

The second diary of a vampire the first one is Dairy of a vampire without the Vol. 2 on it. It had somewhere close to 100 chapters so I started a new one.


11. Entry 11; Fri, July 7, 2017

I made an account on Wattpad. It is different. Not what I wanted to say though. 

The first half of working was great. I was talking with a friend and we had fun, I think? I was asked to go out and do carts after about an hour. Here is where the more enlighting story begins. I was happy doing carts... the first go round. Yeah, I understand that you are going to have to go out ad do 'em more than once a day but 2 hours in a row. I am only human. Or that is what they think. I can only pull in as many as I can but sending me outside very rudely asking why the cart thing was empty... umm NOT OKAY. I am sure that she could have asked in a better tone of voice or hell even nicely why it was empty. I am sure that I would have reacted the same... Giving a look of concentration and trying to get an answer. While my first thought was, "I am only human. I can only do so many," I just couldn't outright SAY that to her. Yeah, she deserves it but I mean backtalking? Great way to ... get fired. I need this job. "After this order you have t go back outside and do carts again." She told me... Calling me out AGAIN because I AM HUMAN!?!? I am loosing my mind. Sometimes I want to show that I am not human, sometimes I image death. Killing everyone in that store and rolling around in their blood just to show that if you screw with me. I have friends. Werewolf friends, witch friends, other vampire friends. We could take you. All of us. But I am nice. Somewhat. But I do have a breaking point. I am done with pulling in those damn carts. I hate King Soopers. The only thing that they have managed to do is make me hate them. They have managed to get me.. of ALL PEOPLE... Stressed. I have never once been like this. I have never once thought about doing very violent things to people who Ummm... let's see... DESERVE IT? I might be calm on the outside but you know LOOKS ARE NOT ALWAYS TRUTH TELLERS! And right now the only person who I SPOKE to about this was Time. After she went to the bathroom I pulled maybe three more things of maybe 9 carts in before I thought, "BS. I am going to the bathroom and I better get a freaking break after this is done. 2 hours of pulling in carts well just about deserved a break and if the boss lady came back I would tell her off." Of course, I was not likely to do that but I like to think that I might. And that was pretty much what happened.

And after that, I talked to her. It was like weights that I held on my shoulders like freaking trucks with 100 pounds in the back were coming off. I felt a sort of bond with her the first time I heard her speak. It was just something. Same went for Wolfe. We spoke and just like that friends. Same thing happened here. We spoke and I felt something click and a bond was formed. I know that she is going to think that I am just the oddest person after I show her this. I mean she did want the full story. Here is the full story about what went down. After, or like right before, we both got off of work we were talking about our favorite H.p. lines. Mine happens to be, "I am going to bed before either of you have enough clever idea to get us all killed or worst... EXCSPELLED!" - Emma Watson "Dobby is a free house-elf!" -Unknown but probably Dobby "My father will hear about this!" -Draco (Don't know the real name) She said as we were leaving to go and get candy to someone who will I will not say, "Dobby is a free elf now!" He said what and we burst out laughing at it. It was one moment where the simple things will get you. I mean it was about as simple as a 4-ton thing of fertilizer but in our world, it is about as simple as saying, "Magick" (That is how it is spelled in the books) Well, it is night for me. Sooo have a nice night my darling prince. Dream dreams of death and blood.  (Something I made up but just really like saying.) P.s. sorry for all of the () didn't mean for that to happen.

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