The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


15. Trip to diagon alley on a Sunday afternoon

Ruby dragged me down diagon alley to a store I frowned at her and said "why are you taking me here" she gave me a look and said " you need to get out of our room , you can't stay in there pouting all day!" I sent her the same look back and followed her.

We hung out the whole day and decided to stop and go get a butterbeer. We sat and talked for a while about each other and talked about little things going on at school when Hermione , Harry and Ron came by our table.

I glared at them and so did Ruby I noticed under the table her fists were balled up as if she was ready to punch someone. Hermione observed us and figured out something was wrong with us "what's wrong Josephine?" I clenched my fists and said "you know exactly what's wrong! I never should have trusted you-you-you filthy mudblood!!!". 

I storm out of the room and look back to see Ruby following me , Hermione crying and the boys trying to comfort her. Ruby walked up to me and grabbed my shoulder pulling me back "what was that for!!!! You went to far!!" I clenched my teeth and said "she deserves what she got" after I said that I walked back to the castle.

I went back to my room and sent Draco a letter telling him what happened. As soon as the letter was sent a letter came back. He was furious with Hermione and I had to convince him not to kill her. Looks like I lost a friend and made a best friend.

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