The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


14. The weekend

I woke up again and felt really worried he threatened Harry and he is still after my family I know why he's here but I don't want him to be here. I know why he's targeting my family but I don't know why he is still hunting me down.I got out of bed and walked into the common room  I went over and sat on the couch with my eyes closed when I opened my eyes after a minute I saw Ron, Hermione and Harry on the other side of the couch staring at me with worried expressions.

I gave them a confused look and said "What?" Hermione started studdering "" I cut her off and said "spit it out!" She sighed and said " are you ok?" I realized what she was talking about I must have looked like medusa after that nightmare I had. I smiled and said " I'm fine"

~the weekend~

It was now the weekend and I didn't have many classes. So I skipped breakfast and went to my only class of the day. I was walking down the hallway when my friend Luna came up to me. She started blabbing and I didn't hear a single word she said "slow down Luna take a deep breath" she did what I told her to do and said " I overheard Hermione saying to Harry that she hates you " I flinched and  dropped the books in my hand. I darted down the hallway warm tears flying off my face. I ran into Draco and he hugged me after he noticed I was crying he said "who did this to you?" Oh yea I forgot to tell you I made new friends with Luna love good and Draco but that doesn't really matter."H-Hermione" with that he stormed off and I walked in the other direction towards my dormitory. I ran into my bathroom and locked myself in Ruby noticed me come in and knocked on the door "are you okay?" I screamed back through tears "Hermione lied to me she was never my friend!!!!" With that I explained everything to her and we spent our whole Saturday crying and screaming and her comforting me.

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