The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


11. The nightmare

When me and Harry arrived home I went to my dorm room. When I opened the door I saw Ruby standing at the doorway arms crossed over her chest and her eyes glaring at me she looked at me and yelled "where have you been?! I was worried about you!" 

Gosh she's like my mother I said in my head I started to explain myself " I was out with Harry because we were celebrating that we got on the Quidditch team" Ruby sighed and said "I'm glad your ok" I smirked at her and made a snarky comment " your like my mother!" She glared at me and we burst out into laughter in unison. After a long chat we went to bed.

~in my dream~

I was running to DADA because I was late from sleeping in. I turned the hall and ran into a wall, I was on the other side of the wall now  and it was dark I couldn't see anything and I was scared I looked around and saw a little light flicker on and it was so dim all I saw was a root of a tree. I slowly walked towards it my hands shaking and my face had a look of fear.

I soon got to the dim light and looked and on the ground was a note that said " I will always be watching you Annabel Taylor" I gasped in horror how did he know my real name only my parents and the cloaked man knew it I screamed when i figured out it was a cloaked man and I felt a hand go to my mouth and another holding me to there body. It was the cloaked man.

I soon blacked out. Sometime later I woke up on an operating table with an incision knife beside me on a small table. I tried to get up but I noticed I was strapped to the table by leather straps. I was so scared I started crying this cloaked man was my biggest fear he was my phobia. Soon after a man stepped out and said in a sickening tone"no use to struggle my dear you'll be dead someday. I screamed and my dream ended with me waking up with a startle.

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