The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


8. The next day

I got ready the next morning really early and walked to the common room book in hand and wand in the other. I started practicing when Ron came in and greeted me "good morning" I have him a sweet smile and said "good morning" he glanced at the book in my hand "early studying?" I said "yea".

We then studied all morning he held my hand with my wand in it and helped me perfect the swish and flick motion. After we studied I turned to him and said "let's go grab some breakfast I'm starving" We then walked to the great hall.

I spotted our friends at the table and lead Ron to two empty chairs next to them.We sat down and Hermione looked at me weirdly "where were you two?" She said with a mixture of mischievous and confused look. I replied saying "we were studying" Hermione gave us a mischievous look and stayed quiet.

A couple minutes later Hermione broke the awkward silence we had "are you sure you two weren't making out?" I glared at her then looked down embarrassed I glanced at Ron then Harry, Ron was blushing and Harry had this weird emotion on his face he looked slightly mad but I'm not sure what he was thinking, I mean like seriously I'm not a mind reader!

We all got quiet until a couple minutes later we all burst out laughing. I smiled I'm glad I have some really special friends here, but I still wonder who that very special someone is in my dream, Harry -no- I don't really know him yet and Ron -not really-.

I went trough my daily routine and walked to my last class when I saw tryout lessons for Quidditch." I think in going to tryout" I say to myself

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