The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


23. New roommate (part 2)

I went and changed into my robes in the girls bathroom. When I looked in the mirror I didn't look bad the green actually made me look pretty. So since I finished looking at myself (lol) I went back to Dumbledore's office and waited outside for Draco to finish his conversation with Dumbledore.

Draco came out and stopped right in front of me with his eyes wide I gave him a confused look and said "what?" He smirked and said "nothing , you just look amazing in those robes. I smirked and said "what are you talking about I always look nice" he laughed wrapped his arm around my waist and we started walking to our dorm.

" I think it's nice to share a room with you it means I can steal more kisses" I giggled and we both laid on the couch. I sat there in his warm embrace smiling. He saw me smile and reached down and kissed me softly. 

And we both fell asleep...

~in my dreams~

"I see you have found your mate" he said holding my cheek in his hand. I bated his hand away and said "you'll never hurt him as long as I'm around". " oh my dear , you'll be around to watch him die" He snapped his fingers and there appeared a table with leather straps holding my love down. 

He started crying "don't let him do this" I started crying too and I said "I'll stop him so I can kill you " he cried more and so did I , someone was controlling me. "Help me Draco I'm being- you shall die" I tried so hard to make myself not kill him but I couldn't.

I took the knife and slit his forehead and I watched him bleed to death. I snapped out of my trance and ran to Draco "My love you can't die I love you" he smiled and said "I love you too  it's not your fault, goodbye Annabel" he closed his eyes and I started crying my eyes out.

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