The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


18. Misunderstood

A couple minutes went by of me and him hugging and we suddenly heard the door swing open and the voice of Ruby saying " is it true your friends with that git Draco" she stared at me in shock and I let go of Draco she ran out of the room and I stood there staring at the doorway thinking about what had just happened.

I finally snapped out of my trance to hear Draco cursing , I stared at him for a bit and he stopped cursing and stared right back I finally broke the silence and said "what are we going to do now?" he frowned and said 'I don't know" I hugged him and left to go find Ruby.

After wandering the hallways I finally found Ruby and she was talking with Hermione and the boys , Harry noticed me and gave me this sad look. I walked up to the group and tried to tell Ruby what happened but Hermione interrupted and said "shes lying!!!!" I got angry and said " you filthy mudblood always assuming stuff about people and always lying!!!!"

They all stared at me for a minute of silence and Ron commented "bloody hell" Hermione started crying and said "I assume stuff!!!! what are you saying your the one that assumed that I said I wasn't your friend!!!!!!" anger was rushing through me and I shot back at her " your lying!!!!! and right now your clearly showing how much you really care"

she looked at me and said "i'm not lying , trust me" I calmed down "but-but- Luna heard you in the hallway she heard what you said to Ron and Harry" they all gave me a puzzled look except for Ruby , she then said " it was Luna she lied to you Josephine" I looked at them and then ran off down the hallway hoping to find Luna. Shes so going to pay for what she did to me .

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