The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


19. Confrontation

I went down the stairwell and finally found Luna I walked right up to her and she smiled I then swiftly picked her up by her collar and said "why did you lie" she looked defeated and then confessed "I did it because you don't belong here your different your not a wizard or even a muggle , I did it because I wanted you to stay away from my friends"

I put her down and walked away , I entered the Gryffindor common room and went straight up to my dorm.

I started writing a letter to Draco about what happened and then sent Luna to go give my letter to him. As soon as i sent it my letter came back I took the letter out and noticed Draco's handwriting at the bottom of the page right where i ended my letter it said " I knew there was something wrong with that filthy half blood " I smiled at his comment and then went to bed. 


*in my dream*

I was in the common room studying when I heard a voice , I turned around to see nothing but when I turned back I saw him. There he was in his black cloak" I immediately took out my dagger and tried to stab him but he disappeared and appeared again at the other side of the room

He casually started speaking like he was an old friend of mine saying "I see you have found your mate I knew he was the one after all his father was a friend of your dear daddy" I looked at him confused and said " I know my dad ruined your life but he doesn't know anyone here , and I don't know who your speaking of I don't know who my mate is"

The cloaked man held my chin up and he made me look into his eyes " there is many dark secrets you do not know my dear" I jerked back out of his grip and stared at him "there's no saving your mate now no saving.......your best friend.

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