The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


5. After diner in Dumbledore's office

I exited the dining hall telling my friends I was going to see dumbledore I started walking down the hallway and I said to myself I won't get lost.

Anddddddd I got lost I started wandering the hallways looking for his office "where is a darn map when you need one!" I said under my breath and I continued walking. I looked down as I walked and a girl came running down the hallway.

BANG!!!! The girl crashed right into me and we fell on the floor with her on top of me , she got up and help her hand out for me to get up. I hesitated and eventually took her hand and glared at her. "I'm so sorry" said the girl with fire red hair it kinda looked like Ron's not going to lie.

she gave me a small smile and said " I'm Ruby" I gave her a small smile too and said " I'm Josephine , can you help me  find Dumbledores office?" She nodded her head and we walked down the hall. 

We talked about each other and I found out she's Ron's twin sister! I knew I recognized that hair. Finally we arrived at Dumbledores office and I said goodbye to ruby and went inside.

I walked in and looked at all of the things around me they were truly beautiful and cool. I looked around his office until my eyes landed on him " an observer I see , probably something you got from your mother" I smiled my mother truly was amazing as for my dad not so much.

"Josephine we do not know how you got here so the way of getting you back home is unknown also , so for now get some rest you need to think about it" I was getting ready to walk out of the room but Dumbledore cleared his throat and said "here are a few things for school your friends will take you to buy the rest that you need later" and I went to my dorm and fell asleep.

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