The mysterious girl

"Who is she" said the girl with reddish brownish hair "I don't know" said the boy in glasses


17. A competitive day with Draco my best friend (part 2)

I picked Draco up bridal style and then took him to the infirmary room and put him on a bed "looks like Malfoy's not as tough as he seems" he lightly hit me and I giggled , the nurse came in and fixed up his cuts.

After we got him all fixed up we headed to the Slytherin common room because we wanted to skip the rest of today's classes. We ended up talking a lot and we got to know each other better , everyone assumes hes a jerk or a git but hes not its just what his father wants him to be and he just wants to make his father proud.

I told him about most of my life even about the cloaked man and my dad's identity and he said these exact words " I thought my dad was bad , I wont tell anyone , I promise" it was time for lunch in the great hall so I grabbed my robe from off the side of the couch , which I put there earlier and me and Draco headed down to the great hall. We arrived and we said our goodbyes going our own seaperate ways to our tables.

After lunch someone tapped my shoulder without turning around  I said "hey Draco" there was no response so I turned around to see Hermione "why are you hanging out with that git" I snapped at her and said " hes not a git!!!!" she gave me this disgusted look and walked towards Ruby and the boys.

I stormed down the hallway and bumped into the one and only Draco Malfoy we both crashed to the floor and I got up leaving him behind , I looked back to see him on the ground giving me a confused look. 

I headed up to my dorm and sat down on my bed . A couple minutes later I heard a knock at my door and I got up to open it. Guess who it was the one the only *a bunch of people say It with me * Draco Malfoy , "what happened you seem very mad" I told him what happened and he got mad too. Then...........I hugged him as soon as I did we both seemed to relax and we just sat there for a while hugging.

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