falling for my dorm mate

me and the boys went to a dorm collage ive never met their friend louis but he's my dorm mate and i like him what will hapen


1. ....

i woke up by the sound of my alarm clock and dog's barking i got up and shoved on clothes it was 6 and i gotta go to my new dorm collage at around 10 still a few hours ''coming guys'' i yelled walking downstairs i fillled 9 dog bowls and put them in a bag i walked downstairs and took out the bowls reading the name shadow i went over to a big cage with a skinny old dog cane corso blueish gray with a bump on his left cheek i put it down and closed the gate dewey a nice dark caramel colour malamute i did the same gave his food then left traumo dewey's identical twin then jack a all black husky mali a all white husky then chino jack and mali's son a gray black and white  husky then runner jack and mali's daugther a gray husky then bailey my ligth caramel husky pup avalanche my dark gray husky then everest my very ligth husky yes you ma have guessed it i have sled dog's all mine and hunter's my brother i filled their water and went to the barn i got grain for gost my black stallion with a white main and tail i gave him hay and opend the door so he can go in his pasture when i got inside i saw hunter still din't leave for work ''HUNTER GO OPEN THE DOG'S GATE OK BUT NOT SHADOW'' i yelled he came running downstairs nodded and went to let the dog's out shadow went for two three minutes but not more his time is coming soon he's a very old dog ive had him since i was 5 i waled to my room and went in the extra room where fox was my pet fox i adopted him after i found him alone next to his dead parents ''fox here boy'' i shacked his bowl and he jumped on me ''hey fox'' i gave him a kiss and put his bowl dow he jumped off me and ate i left him he had enough water for the day great i put on my sweater and striped t-shirt with a pair of jeans my look for today nice i looked in the mirror and styled my short jake paul hair i shoved on shoes and went downstairs my boxes where all ready there so i din't need to carry anything ''ill miss you '' hunter said as i hugged him ''me to'' i pulled away and looked at him sad ''what's wrong sa'' he said ''well i know it's gonna be shadow's time soon '' i said not crying i understand it he suffers i gotta do it ''i promise ill call you when it's his time'' i hugged hunter once more and then left ''bye doggies '' i said hugging all of them i hugged dewey the most cuz he was like my baybe the first sled dog i got with traumo i pulled away and drove to the collage it was sad but i was happy i was gonna see my besties and zayn said there's gonna be someone i still din't meet he said that im gonna love him i got out of the car with only my backpack full of pictures i walked in and met the boys with a new one i still din't meet ''hey sa this is louis'' zayn said showing me louis omg he was so cute his blue eyes brown hair just cute ''hi im louis'' he said i shook his hand ''hi im sarah'' i had a canadian accent i was canadian before i moved here with hunter and shadow ''so sarah louis is your dorm mate'' harry said i smiled ''great where's the dorm i better unpack'' i said louis smiled ''follow me '' i followed louis to dorm 96 he showed me my side then left i put my backpack on my bed and started unpacking i did my bed i had coverts with my dog's on them a horse pillow case and a fox phone case man i loved animals i finished unpacking and layed on my bed 

''hey how's shadow going ''-sa

i waited 10 seconds before getting a reply hunter starts work in about 5 minutes

''not too bad ''-hunt

''tell him i say bye ''-sa

''ok btw i gotta go bye''-hunt

''ok bye hunter 😜"-sa

i turned off my phone and stared at my backpack i got up and opend it i took out the picture of my old dog casey my female dog i got before shadow we had the same bond as me and shadow i missed casey alot my husky i hung up the pictures in a old picture frame i had and put them on my dresser and nigth stand i stared at the one when i was on my first dog sled trip with casey in the front with the other dogs she was always the oldest before shadow the door opend and louis came in ''so what are you gonna study in'' he said sitting next to me ''animal's i mainly want to be a horse jumper and racer and a dog sled person'' i said looking at the floor the boys came in and looked at the pictures ''you never got rid of casey '' niall said looking at the pictures with casey in it ''how can i ever forget my first dog ever nialler'' i said smiling at him '' well cuz..ummm'' i laughed ''ha your speachless eh'' i said smiling ''no umm '' i got up and gave him the i give you 5 seconds look he ran away and i chased after him i finaly pinned him down and sat on him ''let's restart shall we '' i said being my usual self ''we shall'' i smiled and got off him ''i could never forget my dog '' i looked at him giving him a sirious look ''your rigth'' i nodded and smiled  we walked back and the boys all left ''well catch up later '' i said ''yep '' i waved bye so did he it's now almost late i played on my phone until it was about 8 i played mincraft modded version i put on a dog mod hamster loads of animal mods like i could have dragons all animals i wanted unicorns pegasus everything i turned my phone off and got ready to go to bed louis walked in and did the same ''nigth lou'' i said ''nigth'' i turned my lamp off and fell asleep 

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