yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


15. what

i woke up and heard dog whines i walked over to the dog who was whining ''hey rocky you ok'' i said ''your not i better get you to the vet'' i called logan to say to meet me at the vet and to bring whoever he wants i drove to the vet hating the cries i waited for logan to get here so he could bring rocky in he was too heavy 'hello can i help you'' she said polite ''yep it's my dog '' he called rocky's vet ''ok she would be ready in a few  minutes '' i nodded and sat down we got called in and i got logan to put him on the table ''so what's going on with our poor little rocky'' she said petting him ''well he's been crying for 2-3 days'' i nodded and noted something ''any other pet's died or..'' she said looking at me ''no mini is fine the pups are too '' she noted stuff again ''we will get some exams done and ill be back with him when it's done '' i nodded and sat down ''what if im gonna need to uthanize him '' i said looking at the celling '' i wanna say it's not gonna happen but honestly i don't know '' logan said as jake chance and anthony came in ''hey jakey'' i said hugging him ''hey so how's rocky doing'' he said sitting in the chair next to me ''i don't know their doing exams now'' chance and anthony sat down next to jake ''i don't want to lose another dog'' i said jake looked at me confused ''yes i had another dog when i was with my other fam '' i said sitting back

''tell us about him'' chance said i nodded ''well i had for almost my hole life he was called shadow a male cane corso when we got him he was beated by his old owners that left him with hip problems and lots of pain my hole life i loved him he was my best friend i could never be sad when he was there but when i was 11 he fell down the stairs and hurt his hips even more both of them he was 10 at the time and not in the best health so we din't have the chance to amputate we  could have gaven him one more year with meds but that was just selfish.... the day it was time i missed the afternoon of school just to go when he was gonna get uthanized i wanted to be there so he wob't be stressed we got there he was nice he was always barking at peapole and trying to bite them whenever he was at the vet but he let them give him a shoot to get him drowsy i as he layed down and rested his head on my lap i felt like my hole life was leaving me '' i stoped for a moment 

''they gave him the shot and this time i knew he was leaving me forever i took his collor off and held it tigth crying hard i he was paniqued i knew it i hugged him dog for the last time in my life i knew he was saying thanks we had to put him down'' i looked down and wiped my tears ''i promise we won't need to uthanize him '' jake said i smiled as the vet's came in with rocky ''so rocky had bone cancer but only in one leg '' i looked up ''so'' i said trying to sound patient ''we have two choices 1 we uthanize him or 2 we amputate tomorrow ''i looked at the boys happy they nodded knowing what i wanted to do ''let's amputate'' logan said ''ok surgery is tomorrow were gonna keep him today and put him on pain meds '' i nodded and left i drove to the barn and fed the horses ''so im gonna call you spirit '' i said giving him his food ''and i told you ill be here '' i walked outside and gave the horses outsid etheir food

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