yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


5. what just hapend with my life

i went to class like everyday but i was late today i sat far away from charlie not talking to him not talking to anyone at all i went to football practice good time to let me anger out being defense if the best 

i pushed the guy and made him fall and i caugth the ball but i felt stronger than usual ''sarah come here'' the coach said i ran to him ''what's up coach'' i said taking off my helmet ''keep going like that your getting better'' i smiled he did too ''thanks coach''  ''now go get em'' i put my helmet on and ran to my place we kept playing mini games and did thing where two of us where against and he needed to get the other one down while i was wating in line i could see charlie watching i got into place and shot i was against the best one of the team everyone get's atleast a broken leg and arm caused by him i started to panic -sarah you can do this your strong your awsome you can beat him - i closed my eyes ''HUT'' the coach yelled i ran into him and pushed him till he got to the floor i backed up and realized i beated the unbeatable guy in the team they all started yelling jerry pulled me in the croud we all started punching eachother having fun ''YEA THAT'S THE SPIRIT GANG'' i yelled we all yelled together ''go get changed team'' we all got changed me and jerry got a gaderade like usual and had fun goofing around ''so ive heard about you and charlie '' i coverd his mouth with my hand ''don't start that jerry or not your gonna regret it'' i took my hand off and he smiled ''there's the old sarah '' we goofed around until it was about 6 i walked home ''hey sarah look i really need to explain'' charlie said running up to me ''yea yo wanted to do like the others cheat on me then dump me '' i said trying not to sound mean ''why would i ever dump you i love you and i would never cheat on you''   ''then why were you with a girl'' i said looking at him ''she's my ex and ill never love her again cuz i don't love her please forgive me '' i smiled ''your cute when you plead you know'' i kissed him ''of course ill forgive you '' i wisperd and kissed him again i walked inside and noticed mini is getting alot fatter i hit myself in the head thinking she's pregnant and rocky is getting castrated tomorrow shit i brang mini to the vet to see if she was really pregant the vet came out with mini ''so is she'' i said taking her leash ''yes she is she is gonna have 5 beautiful pups '' the vet said ''thanks so much for cheaking oh and do you mind if rocky stays here '' i said''he can stay he is getting castrated tomorrow '' i took rocky out of the car and handed him to the vet ''be good rocky '' i said kissing him i left with mini and went to bed

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