yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


17. what did i just do

i woke up monday i forgot i missed a week or two of school cuz of everything crazy hapening in my life i got up and put on a t-shirt with a jean jacket and some ripped jeans i put my earphones on and put something diffrent on my favorite why don't we song i styled my hair and then fed the dogs i put on my black real yezzes and took my backpack ''ill se you after school dogs''  i locked the door and walked to school avoiding everyone who tried to talk to me finaly charlie gave up but i bet he was gonna watch me play football that ass i went to my first class and sat in back almost falling asleep he was a boring teacher always talking straigth no expressions the bell rung and i went to the next class


''hey dirty students you know what your never gonna achive your dreams your all gonna fail and be poor without any friend fun or hope '' we all slammed are hand on the desk meaning come on ''come on how come your always like this '' i got the courage to say i never talked to a teacher or anyone like this they all looked at me ''miss jackson detention'' i looked at him ''hey my real name is'nt sarah wolf jackson it's sarah wolf paul the sister of jake and logan paul'' his eyes widen and the others too '' im so sorry miss paul'' he said polite ''are you a logangster of a jake pauler'' i said sitting back down ''both'' he replied ''good now i got to say it to both of them '' i whrote it in my book and left the class as the bell rung

''ok so class today where learning nothing if you need anything ill be over there snapchatting my wife '' he walked to the corner he was the best teacher ever i put on some music and chilled the hole class until 2-3 minutes before the bell the good one said ''what about the homework '' the teacher looked at him ''thank you sam'' we all looked at sam one jumped on him kicking him in the face we all laughed usualy i would'nt but knowing im logan and jake's sister it gave me courage i went to lunch everybody wanted to eat with me


i ran to the locker rooms and surprised the boys ''OIIII'' i yelled they all locked at me happy ''where were you '' jerry said walking over ''oh i just found out who my real family is '' insaid smiling ''who is it'' i looked at him ''a hint my brothers are logan and jake paul'' he laughed ''that's a big hint im happy you found your real fam''  ''me too '' we all got out stuff on and ran to the field like i thaugth charlie was there and logan jake team 10 kong and the why don't we boys i ran up behind big jack and scared his life out of him ''hey you scared me '' he said turning around ''i had to do it or it's not fun '' we laughed and went to see the coatch ''so i see sarah your back i know why you where gone so lets just forget it hapend and play some games '' we all yelled and ran into position ''HUT'' i ran and caugth the ball i ran until it was a tuch down ''i still got the tricks '' jerry helped me up and we played mini games the hole times ''remember game friday afternoon '' coach yelled ''we know'' we all yelled anoyed he said it like 150000 times today 

i jumped on logan's back scaring him ''ello'' i said ''i never knew you played football '' he said ''and you never met my friend jerry '' i ran and pulled jerry with me ''jerry this is my brother logan,this is my other brother jake,thats nick,chance,ericka,the martinez twins,chance,anthony..... '' i introduced him to everyone ''hey lo can i tell you something in private '' i said out of nowhere when i caugth charlie staring at me ''yea'' i dragged him behind the building ''see over there the guy at the black car '' i pointed him ''yea'' he said ''well he's my ex and he keeps staring at me he used me for attention then we broke up and now he keeps staring at me atualy us'' i said ''he broke your heart '' logan almost yelled ''shus yes he did if he comes over i want you to go savage on him ok don't hurt him  but only be a savage like always ok '' he nodded and then we joined the boys me and logan told them all and jerry was just bored when we said that cuz he was the first one to know ''i better go'' jerry said he started to walk away but u jumped on his back ''don't you dare go away i need you to be here if charlie comes and we can throw the ball if you want '' i got off and he turned back we threw the ball and rolled on the floor like kids 


i ran and threw myself on the floor a few times i heard logan yell ''ok now i bet charlie's here '' i said looking at jerry ''yep'' i walked to the boys and stood next to corbyn ''come on sarah let me atleast talk to you''i looked at him ''no you broke my heart to much times and i can't afford to get my heart broken again by a bastard like you '' i replied ''but i still love you'' i singhed '' i moved on '' i said ''whith who'' he said angry i looked around and kissed corbyn charlie turned around and left i was'nt gonna use corbyn i atualy like him but when i kiss him it does'nt feel lie when i kissed charlie 

i pulled away and saw everyone with their mouths wide open even logan ''what'' i said smiling ''you kissed him'' logan said half angry half whatever ''and '' i replied simply ''why'' he replied ''cuz i love him '' i looked up and corbyn he was smiling i smiled too ''when we get back im gonna kill you '' logan said walking to his car ''loagan's '' i said walking to the car i sat down and when we got home i ran to my room i had a room at logan's place jerry would go feed the dogs and the horses when ever i was'nt there ''why did you kiss him ''logan said stading in the door frame ''because i love him'' i almost yelled ''you can't '' he said looking down ''why not'' i said almost crying he din't respond i could tell he was gonna cry to ''im not a baby anymore now go'' logan left and i locked the door ''im not a baby anomore'' i wisperd to myself crying


i put on my ear phones and listend to harry style's ''just stop your crying it's a singn of the times,welcome to the final show hope your wearing your best clothes '' i sang along to the song ''just stop your crying have the time of your life,breaking through the atmosphere ,things are pretty good from here ,we can meet again somewhere,somewhere far away from here '' i closed my eyes and sang the rest of the song i fell asleep  cuz i was tierd like really

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