yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


11. twins

i was at logan's house playing with kong until logan's mom came ''oh logan i see you met sarah'' she said looking at me i stood up ''how do you know her'' logan said walking to her ''well logan she is..........your sister'' as she finished we both looked at each other ''wait so she's my sister'' he almost yelled ''yes'' we both smiled ''yassss'' we both yelled ''wait but what about my other parents and brothers''   ''they adopted you but now you can be known as my kid '' i smiled ''so now i know my real mom and dad and my two real brothers'' she nodded ''great'' i jumped up and down i finaly know my real fam i decided to go home and think about these things

as i got home bailey jumped on me ''hey bailey '' i picked him up and went to my room i put him down on my bed and sat next to him ''bailey today i found out who my real family is im logan and jake paul's sister'' he tilted his head looking at me ''but your always gonna be my family bud'' i hugged the young doggy and got up i heard a knock on the door and i ran down to open the door '' logan hey'' i said as i opend the door logan was there got it rigth ''hey so i was thinking that you never met the why don't we boys'' i nodded he showed me the boys i introduced myself everything went awsome but corbyn was always my fav so it went amazing i was a big fan of ţhem i loved their songs we hung out the rest of the day then they all went home i fed the dogs and fed the horses as i walked home i felt like i was getting watched ok now i regret not taking the dogs ugh theres still a good 30 mins until im back home 


at like half the way home i felt someone in back of me i stoped and turned around to see this pshyco looking serial killer ''hey '' he said with that discusting breath ''bitch shut up and turn around '' i said looking at him ''come '' he gave me a death glare before grabbing me ''LET ME GO'' i yelled until i could'nt at that time i was too week to figth what's gonna happen with my life 



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