yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


14. training

as i got on chief man i knew he was gonna be a heard one i troted him but he was trying to get away with trying to buck rear he was trying to get me off him i backed him up hard he tried to kick again ''HEY'' i said in a angry tone and kicked him ''look you better listen ok or it's gonna be the worst time of your life'' i could tell he was a wild one but i could break him everytime he tried to do something bad i kicked him and taugh him how to behave 

after a good hour he was listening i could gallop him trot him do anything and he would listen ''listen wise one tomorrow your gonna become a race horse and you better listen or not your busted'' i wisperd into his ear i got off him and unsaddled him i brang him to his pasture outside and saddled buster i got on him and did the same he was less wild but training never huts plus their young all less then 10 but i still loved them ''come on rodio horse do your thing '' i wisperd i made him try to get me off but it never worked ''harder'' i had to make him try to get me off so he would be able to get anyone off i rid horses my hole life even a bull i was made for rodeo i loved it after 2 hours i still was'nt off ''well try tomorrow ok boy'' i brang him inside and unsaddled him i got a text from a horse cathcher saying they got a new heard for me i put staw hay water and grain in the other barns stalls getting ready for the horses


as i got outside a few trucks came i helped to get the horses out atleast 5 and one wild one i put them all in a box i decided to ride a mare first she looked very nice and gentle but she looked around 19 years old a good age for a horse i saddled her no problem i got on her amazing i made her trot and gallop no problem she din't look wild at all it looked like she was tamed before i put her in a pasture with a 20 year old stallion the oldest one racer 

i rided the other horses and left the wildest one for last i got on him bare back cuz i knew he would'nt like the sadle ''be careful on him he broke my coworkers back '' a guy said worried ''don't worry ive got on a bull once and satyed on for over an hour a wild horse is nothing '' i said back i held on his mane and rid him no problem ''now let's try a saddle '' i put on a saddle and bridle oh he hated him he bucked reared and tryed to get it off ''wow boy '' i said jumping off and taking the rains ''i knew you would'nt like the saddle and bridle ''i took off the saddle and then the bridle ''so are you gonna trust me if i never put them on again'' i said petting him he pointed his ears up ''ill take that as a yes '' i brang him inside and in his stall ''ill be back tomorrow promise'' i took the dogs and walked home this time not getting taken by a phsyco as i got home i made rocky lay down on a blanket he was acting wierd not playing doing nothing ''your not dying of old age your like 4 '' i layed on the coutch and fell asleep next to rocky 

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