yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


26. the new boi

i got out of the car and saw julian and hunter my foster bros but now their my best friends ''whatcha got here'' i said looking into the horse trailor i saw 4 horses ''horses'' i said and took afew leads i gzave one to both the boys and put the other one on the side i let the boys take the first two cuz it seems like the others are dangerous so i have more expirience i do it 

i took out a appaloosa he was black with a white spotted bum he was beautiful but all scared up i got him into the stall and a mare next she was this gray that was darker at some parts with  black stockings on her from legs black mane but a tail that went dark brown to ligth brown i got her out but put her in the hallway she was calm i looked sat her with that purple halter on and it needs to be changed big time i took out a solid black rope halter and put it on her loose ''poor baby'' i said as i held up her front hoof it was all rotten not cleaned all dry her hoofs where way over grown i shaped her hoofs and got all the rotten hoof away  i was able to put a plastic on with a horse shoe on all of them ''we should be able to ride you in a while'' i said as i put the horse i called gray in the stall the boys helped me with the others and then we went home

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