yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )



i hid behind the dryer until i heard a door opend not the basement door but the front door from upstairs i could hear someone yell but i could'nt make out the words but i knew it was team 10 logan jake and the why don't we boys i got out of my hiding place and stood in the middle of the room until david came down ''oh i see you met my friends david '' i said simply ''yep now come ill get you to a safe place '' he took my wrist but i was fast enough to punch him in the face he fell to the floor my hand was bleeding even more but who cares it's only abit of blood i looked at my hand ''shit '' i said in a normal tone ''get up you wimp '' i said walking to david he got up but week i looked at logan then back at david telling logan to come ''on 3 lo''  i said david was really confused "1......" he looked at me releifed ""2 3'' i yelled we both punched him he fell on the floor i high fived logan and looked down at david ''yea he's gonna be knocked out for a while '' logan nodded and looked at my hand ''you sure your ok '' i looked at my hand ''yea it's only abit of blood '' i looked around ''yea i think it's bad tho'' we all laughed and left ''should we......nah'' i walked out and ran first outside ''finaly free!!!!'' i yelled running into the car ''should we go to the...Nah'' i said as logan got in the car as i got back to my home i ran to the bathroom and claned the cut ''deep shit'' i said drying it ''it's gonna be fine i only need to take care of it and it's gonna be fine'' i put cream on and a bandage ''not done'' i said almost out of the bathroom i went back in and wrapped it in vet wrap we usualy use it for horses but i use some for me i wrapped the black one on and cleaned the house ''who want's to go see the horses '' i said standing at the door and the dogs ran to me and jumped on me ''ok one minute guys '' i leashed them all as i was walking to the barn i saw rocky was'nt like normal he would always try to run and be infront but now he's walking slowly and next to me i unleashed the dogs i ran to see how chief was going he was old enough i could start ridding him i brushed the adorable black brown and white pinto horse and then saddled him i put on a western saddle and then put a black bridle with diamonds on it i walked outside and got on him shit he was a bad one

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