yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )



the tornado was afew weeks ago they where able to fix everything its just like before

logan came in draggin a cage ''sarah i got something for you'' logan said closing the door i walked out my room into the living room ''so you know how you really liked that dog you saw when we crossed the pound yesterday'' he said slowly my eyes widen ''yea'' i said exited ''well i got him'' logan took off the blanket i almosy yelled as i saw a german shperd the tan  and black ones ''you got him for me'' i said picking up the 5 week old pup ''i knew how much you loved him so i got him for you'' i could'nt help but smile ''thanks so much logey'' i hugged him and brang the dog to my room ''your gonna be called sidney named after my favorite hokey player'' the little pup wagged his tail and jumped all around the place ''sidney it is'' i picked up sidney and brang him to the living room jake was over and the why dont we boys too ''guess what his name is'' they all shouted random names ''i know'' logey said getting up ''i dont know what is it '' he said ''sidney named after my favorite hokey player'' sidney wagged his tail ''you watch hokey '' jake said surprised ''hey cant a girl like hokey'' jake stood there silent ''i knew it well im gonna go get stuff for sidney '' i walked out holding sidney 

we got at the pet store and i chose a thick ajustable harness for him and a thick black leather leash i got him a name tag to go on the harness 

''whats this lucky fellas name'' the cash guy said ''sidney like sidney crosby the hokey player'' the guy handed me the stuff i left and put on his harness ''this is a harness you don't pull ok sidney.......and this is a leash so you can walk but i cant still make sure your fine '' i put on  his stuff and sidney din't freak out nice i got a collar a leash some toys and i found this cute hockey stick and hockey puck i went home and told logan i was going to the barn



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