yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


6. NO

i opend my eyes and looked at the guy i was against a tuff guy ''HUT'' i pushed the guy and got him on the floor but the game stoped fast a player must be hurt i ran over to the player laying on the ground fuck jerry i knealed down next to him ''hey jerry buddy you ok '' i said he shook his head no ''what's wrong '' the coach said he din't awnser ''jerry what's wrong bud'' i said carfully taking his helmet off the coach held his head i knew it was bad ''a guy..... he...'' he could barely talk ''who was it jerry'' he pointed to a guy who was laughing he must have hated jerry the coach of the other team took me with him somewhere ''look i know your upset but we needed to do it'' he said what does he mean they needed to do it i snapped ''you made your player hurt my best friend on purpose '' i said angry he shook his head no i gave him a death glare ''you made him do it stupid asshold'' i pushed him away and ran to my coach ''when's the ambulance gonna be here '' i asked quickly ''soon'' i nodded and ran to jerry i helped them get his shoulder pads off ''jerry the ambulance should be here any minute '' i stayed next to him until the ambulance came  ''i promise ill visite'' he weekley nodded and then the ambulance left i looked at it leave ''hey im sorry i hurt your friend missy'' i turned around and saw the one jerry pointed to me when i told him who did it ''YOU FUCKING HURT MY BEST FRIEND'' i yelled after him angry ''hey it's not my fault i had to'' he said in a sassy tone ''FUCK YOU'' i yelled back and tackeld him to the ground i closed my eyes and after i knew it i was far away from him charlie next to me ''how could i let this hapen to jerry '' i said crying ''it's not your fault '' charlie said trying to make me fell better ''they did it on purpose'' i wisperd ''hey coach wants you to play sa '' james said i stood up and went to the field i put my helmet on and saw the guy who hurt jerry was on the bench man i beated him up good ''HUT'' i ran into the guy infront me and pushed him on the floor i ran and caugth the ball ''team come here'' the coach yelled we all ran to him ''so even if jerry is not there i want you guy's to give your 110% on this game i know jerry would be proud of you rigth sarah'' i looked at him then all of them ''and he will always be'' i awnserd back we did the team scream and ran back into position ''HUT'' i ran into the guy pushing him harder than ever then i did a tuch down we won we all gave the boys high fives at the end then went to change i sat down alone in the bus we arrived at the school and i ran to the hospital ''hello can i help you young lady '' the secretary said ''hello is jerry backer ready to have a visitor '' i said out of breath ''only family '' i looked at her ''you don't want the one who stayed with him on the field not leaving his side even if i was forced to and i faugth the one who hurt him '' i said in a sassy and angry tone ''he's in room 150 '' she said with a surprised look on her face ''ok thanks'' i walked away and found his room i walked in and walked to his bed one chance he was awake ''hey jerry how ya going '' i said sitting on the chair ''im ok'' i smiled ''im happy your ok '' he smiled back ''so what do you have '' i said curious ''only a major concussion like a bad one that guy was tuff '' i looked down ''umm jerry the coach of the other team told me that ........ that he had to do it so they could win cuz your the best player in our team'' i looked at jerry he was kinda mad ''it was on purpose'' i could hear the anger and sadness in his voice ''yea but don't worry i got that guy '' i layed back in the chair ''wait you beat him up'' he said i nodded yes his face lit up ''you beated him up all cuz he hurt me '' he smiled ''well that's what friends are for but i kinda go savage when some one hurts my friend '' i said slowly i could tell he loved how i would always beat up the guy who would hurt him or the girl who would break his heart ''im happy you care so much your a good friend '' i smiled ''you too'' the nurse walked in ''mr backer tomorrow you will be able to go home but you need to relax and not play football for a few months but after a month you will be able to watch some but not on tv '' he nodded and i left i walked home and got a call from the vet ''hello''  ''yes hello umm rocky did great and you will be able to come get him now'' i hung up and drove to the vet when i walked In there was loads of peapole there ''yes im here for rocky'' i said at the counter a guy kept looking at me wierd ''yes ill be back with rocky in a minute'' i nodded and waited i was anxious to get out i caugth the guy staring at me a few times ''rocky '' i said walking to my big dog ''he was a very good boy he's only gonna need lot's of rest and he's gonna need to take these pills for pail for a week '' i took his leash and the pills and nodded ''thanks so much '' i said ''no problem '' i liked that vet theyr where very nice i got in the car and the man walked up to my window it was rolled down so he talked ''hello pretty lady'' i moved my face away from his ''hello discusting old man''i said back ''come with me'' he took my arm and opend the door trying to get me out ''let me go phsyco'' i said back ''let her go '' i heard a guy said not charlis but another i saw the man look away and leave ''hey you ok '' a guy around my age said walking to me ''yea im fine thanks for getting him to go'' he smiled and i smiled back ''no problem you should get going '' i nodded and drove home 

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