yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


21. Nahh

three weeks finaly no more knee brace im finaly FREE 


i drove to the barn and saddled my best jump horse ash a stallion with a black back that goes from dark to ligth i put on his chain bridle and took him outside to the jumping course ''ready boy'' i wisperd i exercised him like that he was still a kid and he was wild before  but he's pretty tamable i made him do small jumps big jumps water jumps.... i put him in his pature when i was done then i went on spirit and trained him bareback 

i finished training the horses awsome i drove home and fed the dogs i went back to logans place to chill i stayed in my room thinking about how is my life gonna be yes theirs gonna ups and downs but it's life i went on youtube and watched a few videos logan left a while ago for a movie or a meeting something like that but i knew he was gonna be gone for a while i drove back home and put the dogs outside i decided to get a few friends here like have a fun time i called jake some of the team 10 members jerry the team and the boys 

about an hour after they all got here jerry was drinking non stop ''jerry stop '' i said ''why'' he replied confused ''are you trying to get kicked off the team'' i said taking the bottle of bear he had in his hands ''no it's not like your gonna tell coach'' he said ''i don't want you to get kicked off the team i don't want my friend to act like this'' i almost yelled ''fine'' he sat back down and so did i we all laughed and had fun ''if mom dad or logan finds out where dead'' jake said ''this is my house not his '' jake nodded we where all having fun so we all fell asleep where ever we want i fell asleep in corbyn's arms while jerry was asleep in his food jake on the other coutch and the others somewhere wierd 


i woke up and saw the mess we made yesterday i layed my head back down and heard jerry walk into the living room ''sa you awake '' he said i got up ''yea why'' he looked at me ''umm come see '' i walked with him and saw what jake and his friends did ''im gonna kill em wen they get up '' ''yea good luck with that '' i opend my phone and saw 1 missed call from lo i called him back thinking he's awake 
''hello'' logan said ''hey lo '' i  replied with a yarn ''where were you yesterday nigth ''  ''i was at my place i decided to hang out with the foot team and a few other guys''  ''you din't smash tell me you din't '' he sounded worried ''don't worrie im not ready for that'' he singhed in relief and hung up i walked down stairs where all the boys where ''WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS'' i yelled waking them up ''jake come '' jake got up and stood infront of me ''i give you 5 seconds '' he ran away and i ran after him it started raining and i found him and grabbed his shirt ''what the hell did you do to my room '' i said angry ''what did we do we where in the living room all nigth i swear'' i let him go ''no you don't think that charlie did it '' i ran to the front door ''shit it was unlocked the hole nigth and the back door '' i ran to my room and started looking around until i found a note ''find me if you dare-charlie'' i read out loud i turned to jake ''we gotta find him bro'' i almost yelled ''no but what does if you dare mean'' he said worried ''if you dare........he's maybe gonna try to murder me all cuz i don't care about him so he does'nt care about me '' i turned my head thinking i heard something in my closet i did the shut up singh and walked to the closet i opend it up and jake yelled shit truman was dead ''shit'' i said sitting next to truman he looked like if he was strangled everyone ran up after jake yelled of fear i looked away for a second and something pushed truman's body out ''ummm guys i think there's a new killer in town '' i said getting up ''come get me of you dare'' i heard a wisper come from the closet ''oh i will'' i grabbed the first thing i caugth it felt like a humans body but this was attached and it was charlie's i knew it i pulled him out he tried to escape but jerry caugth him and threw him on the floor then big jack stepped in ''what the heck is going on '' he said he looked down and stomped to charlie ''your the guy who tried to hurt my pal'' he said charlie nodded in fear logan ran in ''hey lo guess who broke in'' he looked down at charlie and threw him back in the closet ''phone now'' i rolled my eyes ''geezz'' i gave him the phone and he called the cops charlie got arrested 

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