yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


7. months

it makes 6 moths jerry had got hurt now he play's with us he's fine we all missed him alot our champion came back the practice was done but i stayed with rocky and threw my football for him to catch  i walked home and went directly to dog whining i ran over and saw mini she was getting her pup's now i cleaned off the puppies as they came out i had 5 new beautiful rottweiler husky mixes i had 3 males and 2 females i put on little leather collars i picked a little one who looked more husky but had the marking of rocky ''your gonna be called bailey'' i said as i put down the pup i took the two other males they looked the same they looked more husky but had the brown of rocky ''your dewey and your truman ' i put them down after putting the collars on then i picked up the two little girls they had rocky's markings but mini's fur ''you mali and your maya'' i put their collars on then left them with mini i put rocky in a diffrent room so he can heal good i heard a knock on the door i opend it and saw jerry he looked terrified ''what's wrong bud'' i said confused ''ummm i saw someting you won't like '' i sat on the coutch and he sat next to me ''what is it'' it took a moment before he said it ''i saw charlie kissing a girl not like a peck atualy making out '' i opend my mouth ''i knew he only wanted attention he's nothing diffrent then the others  whatch the dogs ill go see him '' jerry nodded and i ran to charlies house he awnserd and i walked in like i owned the place ''charlie i know it i know your cheating on me '' i said not even crying ''no but'' i looked at him ''your nothing diffrent than the other boys your just a heart breacker where done for GOOD'' i yelled the last word and walked out i felt like a man being like this it just fells rigth i walked away before he could say anything and this time im not going back for him i walked inside ''go home jerry go have fun '' i said he walked out and i crashed on the coutch ''man it fells good not being charlies girlfriend anymore i smiled at myself and fell asleep on the coutch

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