yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


16. love or not

after i exercised the horses logan told me to go at his place  drove and walked to his apartment i knoked and he awserd ''you came'' he said happy ''i can't miss seeing my favorite brother'' i hugged him and walked in ''your on time for the vlog '' i smiled ''you can't bare missing a vlog '' i chatted with the why don't we boys for a while until lºgan decided to do something dumb ''logan don't '' i said pulling him away ''why the king of randomness did it '' he whined back ''it does'nt mean you won't burn yourself '' i replied ''why do you always have to stop me from being stupid'' he whined again i rolled my eyes ''cuz your my favorite brother and i won't let another person in my life die'' he looked at me sad and did the puppy dog face ''pleeeeaaassseeee'' he plied i tryed resisting him but i could'nt ''ok but only two three times'' he did a little yes and did the thing of course he got burnt at the third time ''had i told ya'' i mocked he ran to the bathroom and i just sat down corbyn sat down next to me i got nervous i did kinda like corbyn the boys went outside but corbyn satyed ''so what's up '' i said shy ''this'' he kissed me 

we kissed for a few minutes then stoped logan ran inside and cheaked the carpet ''i left kong out of his cage there's a 90% chance he peed on this'' he started tuching the carpet until it was wet ''KONG'' he yelled ''logan you should train kong it makes almost a month you have him'' i said trying not to laugh at his expresion ''i know but can you wash the carpet'' he said washing his hands ''nope your dog your mess '' i replied ''please'' he plead ''one more plead and im gone '' i said he singhed and cleaned the carpet when logan left with kong on the balcony i laughed then joined the boys outside the music from the party was the worst logan came back with a speaker and put help me help you we played with the ramp the rest of the day making me forget about shadow my old fam and rocky i walked back inside and sat down i was out of breath i watched tv until i had to go home ''bye guys'' i said before leaving ''bye'' they all yelled i drove home and crashed on my bed for getting to feed the dogs 

bailey and the others jumped on me barking asking for food ''omg pigs '' i got up and fed them i sat down and watched the X-facter i started thinking -does corbyn really like me of course he kissed you think sarah but will he do like charlie knowing logan if i ever tell him a boy used me for attention he would kill em - i laughed inside and decided to go to bed

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