yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


10. him.......

when i got home i fangirled "om rocky i got logan paul's phone number!!!!!! omg omg omg..... i know im crazy'' i sat on the coutch and put youtube on the tv i decided to watch logan paul's new vlog he posted yesterday at around the end bailey walked up to me with a leash so did the others ''ok we can go on a walk'' i lput on their harnesses and leashed them i walked out the door with 7 crazy dogs 5 pups and 2 adults the pups it was kinda normal this was their seconds walk in their hole life they all kept pulling but bailey stayed next to me ''if you guys pull it's inside'' they all stopped and walked infront of me without pulling this time ha i masterd the trick


about half way througth the walk i decided to go to the barn i walked to the barn and gave the horses new hay and grain i took one out to do his stall but i was surprised ī never noticed he was atualy very healthy full size a stallion should be great posturs no sores or anything he was perfect ''how about i ride you today'' i said taking brushes ''eh austin'' i looked at the beautiful white horse with a blond main and tail i started to brush him he liked it ''good boy austin'' i said as i finished brushing him i took out a saddle the blankets.... i saddled him up and put this beautiful chain bridle that fit him perfectly ''perfect'' i took the rains and took him outside i got on him and walked him looking at how he walks and how he behaves with a person on his back i troted him and found out he was a normal western horse i galloped him and stood up  ''austin i trust you'' i put the rains down slowly and kept him galloping i closed my eyes for 3 minutes i opend them and i was still galloping i sat back down and petted his neck ``good boy austin`` i took the rains and made him do afew stuff while galloping he`s a very energetic horse after an hour i got off him and unsaddled him i put him in his stall and gave the horses some more hay for the nigth i got the dogs and walked home when i got there i watched the new vlog and then went to bed 

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