yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


12. hide or figth

i woke up feeling dizzy i looked down..... great i was tied up to a chair who would possibly tie me up usualy i would kill em but yesterday i din't feel like it i moved in the chair trying to break free ''shit'' i yelled by accident ''did i tell you you could talk'' a voice from behind me said ''atualy i just woke up so ...... OF COURSE NOT'' i replied ''by the way who are you'' i said curious ''you may remember me.....sarah'' i widen my eyes ''how'' i said ''im the reason you moved here with your fake family'' i nodded ''david....may i tell you something important ''  ''of course'' he walked infront of me  had a devil look on my face i pulled a leg out of the rope and kicked him in the nuts ''one point for the girl '' he got up and went to get more rope i pased the hole time he was gone trying to get out of them...stupid....ropes ''there's no point trying to break free''david said putting more rope he left with a smile ''fuck'' i wisperd i looked down at my hand i saw it coverd in blood then it started to hurt ''shit '' i wisperd to myself again what's the thing with all the shits is it national shit day (lol that sound wrong )

i layed my head back i looked down and saw my phone with the screen broken i pushed the chair closer and flung it up i opend it  and called logan ''what's up'' i singhed ''hey lo ummm....... i got myself in a bad ummmm.......just my ex from onother place got me and now im in his basement starving thisty and blood coming out of my hand'' i said simply ''you ok '' i looked at my phone fustrated ''OF COURSE NOT IM IN MY EX'S BASEMENT'' i yelled forgetting he could hear me ''ill find out the adress-'' david came down and threw my phone on the floor atualy breaking it in two ''man your an ass'' i said looking at my phone and looking back at him ''who was it '' he said angry ''my atual REAL BROTHER  who CARES about ME'' i had to yell those words ''what'' he said confused ''do i have to say it in french for you to understand '' he nodded one chance i know french too ''m'on VRAI FRÈRE  qui SE SOUSIE de MOI'' i yelled again ''k'' he turned around and walked away ''man boys are complicated '' i wisperd looking around ''ow'' i silently yelled as i hit my bleeding hand on the chair i was able to get a knife amd cut myselr free i heard the door open hide or figth i looked around and decided to hide i could'nt figth with my hand i hid behind the dryer he passed me a few times looking for me then he left 

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