yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


1. great

im sarah every boy goes out with me so a week after they dump me well now i don't always say yes 


i woke up and hit my alarm clock man i miss having my dad yell after me cuz i won't get up but now i live alone it's life i took my shower and put on my jake paul merch i put my earphones in and listend to one direction yes im a directioner not my fault their just so sexy and cute i turned my music off and put my iphone in my pocket i put my sneakers on and took my football bag yep i bet ya guessed it im a tomboy big animal lover and sport lover i mostly love football ive loved it since ive been 2 i walked to school same as always getting asked on a date by a guy ''hey love wanna go on a date friday ''  ''nope'' i pushed him away and walked to class i sat down every seat was taken just not two i guess ill be sitting next to a fuck boy or fuck girl the bell rang the teacher started teaching but stoped when charlie walked in ''charlie your late '' the teacher said turning around ''not my fault the bell was 8 minutes early'' he said sitting down in the seat next to me ''so class i want you to read chapter 10 in your history book now '' i opend my book and looked at how much pages it was ''but it's like 2 pages'' i yelled he gave me the shut up look ''it's only two '' charlie said smiling ''but there's like 200 words in each page'' i complained he just laughed i started to read but the bell rang ''thank god '' i slammed my book shut and shoved it in my backpack i got up and walked to my other class ''hey sarah do you mind if i get your number '' i turned around and saw charlie ''i don't mind '' we exchanged phones and gave eachother our numbers i was surprised only boy contacts better than mine i gave him his phone back and he gave me mine i went to my other classes until lunch i ate lunch alone like usual then went to football practice the only guy's who are my friends their the only ones who atualy treat me like a man where like brothers i walked to the field ''sorry im late boys'' i yelled ''it's ok '' the coach yelled i got into my possition that's defense so i basicaly get to smack the guys ''HUT HUT HUT'' the coach yelled i ran into the boy and caugth the ball we did that for the rest of the afternoon with some training too i took my helmet off and gave the boys all a high five ''good job guys tomorrow more sirious'' the coach yelled ''yea rigth'' jerry said nudging my arm he was my bestie in the group two time taller and more manly that me but it's kinda normal im a lady he's a man but i kinda have man shoulders and a man's carecter jerry went ahead with the other boys i like to take my time ''you where pretty good there'' charlie said walking next to me ''yea every boy says it but never means it'' i looked down ''i mean it you where really good '' i smiled and looked back up '' i better catch up with the boys'' he nodded and i ran to the boys we got in the changing room and just all talked random subjects i walked out with jerry ''so why was charlie talking to you'' jerry said confused he never saw me atualy talk to a boy ''he asked for my number after class nut i just can't get him out of my mind geez '' i got a gaderade from the vending machine ''it hapend to me when i had a crush on a girl''  ''who was it '' i said curious ''im not saying'' i looked up and him and tackled him down ''tell me '' i almost yelled ''ok it was sparrow '' i got off him ''sparrow she's just like me but plays soccer'' i looked back up at him ''and you like charlie i know that face'' i looked down ''how did you know that '' i smiled and kept walking ''it's obvious charlie was never as nice as he is with you and you din't punch him or say no when he said if he could have your number '' i smiled and nodded i walked home and crashed on my bed my iphone beep saying i got a text 

''hey what's up''-charlie

''nothing really you''-sarah

''same xD"-charlie


''you where really awsome on the field i know im saying it alot lol"-charlie

''you don't meant it i bet''-sarah

''i do 100%"-charlie

''ok ''-sarah 

"i gotta go bye 😘"-charlie

''k bye "-sarah 


i turned my phone off did he really just send me that emoji i shook my head and made myself some food i watched america's got talent the one when collins keys went on it i got up and figured i should maybe get a pet i walked to the closest dog pound ''hello i want to see the dog's please'' i said to the lady at the front desk ''of course m'am '' i smiled and followed her i walked around until i found a rottweiler he was beautful ''miss ill take this one'' i said pointing to the rottweiler she took the dog out snd told me everything about it ''so it's a he'' i said taking his leash ''yep''  ''i got the perfect name for you'' i thanked and payed the guy and walked out ''your name is rocky'' he wagged his tail and i drove home and gave rocky some food water and the end of my bed as his bed i stroked his fur making me fall asleep faster than usual 


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