yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


18. friends or more

i went to school like always but this time it was boring very what hapend yesterday is destracting me charlie the kiss logan everything i ran on the field and did some more mini games but this time i was not making any tuch down's i got to much things on my mind im affraid of losing my best friends my brother im affraid of losing everything ''come on team last game  GO!!!!!!'' the coach yelled seems like it's the worst day for all the boys not only me we din't even want to plat anymore there's 2 more days of traning before the big game we did our max for the last game but it was'nt like the other ones


i was the first to get changed and be out i leaned on the wall drinking my gatorade ''why are you so down'' jerry said leaning on the wall next to me ''the kiss ,charlie still loving me ,logan not wanting me to fall in love , everything'' he looked down and nodded ''show him your not a baby anymore  show him your responsible show him your ready for life'' i nodded ''yea i should show him but it's hard '' i said ''why'' i looked up ''it's not easy having a brother who cares alot and is a savage '' jerry nodded ''i should go'' i said ''go show him who you are'' jerry yelled i smiled and walked back to logan's place i put my bag in my room and took kong outside ''good boy'' i said as kong came back i put him back in his cage then gave maverick his food... i cleaned the place and decided to train kong after an hour of potty training him he din't pee on the carpet 

logan came in and looked at kong then me ''you left kong out without watching him '' he said paniqued ''yep '' i simply replied ''he must have peed on the carpet '' logan cheked the carpet and was surprised ''he din't pee on it '' he looked around the place ''and he din't poo what did you do to him '' he said picking kong up ''i potty trained him now when he was to go to the bathroom he will turn infront of you '' logan's face lit up ''great now i don't gave to train him '' i smiled ''so i thaugth about yesterday '' he said sitting next to me i nodded ''and im gonna stop treating you like a baby''i jumped off the coutch and hugged him ''thanks so much '' i ran to my room and called corbyn telling him if he could come over 

i waited until i heard a knock on the door i ran and took corbyn and dragged him to my room ''guess what'' i said exited ''what'' ''logan said i can finaly be in love '' i looked at him ''with who'' i kissed corbyn and the pulled away ''with you'' he kissed me back  i swear when im with him i feel better than with charlie charlie was just an ass and a half we chatted for a while and kissed more i was happy finaly i could be in love with the boys i love at around 7 something corbyn left and i crashed on my bed ''hey go to bed you got school tomorrow '' logan said peeking his head in my room ''ok nigth lo'' i got under the coverts and logan closed the ligth and the door i fell asleep pretty fast man football today was hard even if i did almost nothing

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