yea everyboy wants to date me but for nothing they all end up dumping me but charlie is not one of those boys (swear words involved in the story and battles too )


22. finished

last day of freeking high school 5 years

i opend my phone and saw i got a text from the principal that's also my fake dad ''dress fancy sa '' i wisperd i went in my closet and took out a black and white striped t-shirt with a leather jacket i put on a pair of jeans and maverick sock's (gotta get em merch ) i put my real black and white yeezze's and then i styled my hair ''locking like a boy sa great'' i wisperd to mirror me i walked down and ate an apple i fed the dogs but told a team member to feed the horses for me cuz i aint doing that i looked down at my hand  still din't heal i better put some vet wrap i took my black and white striped vet wrap and wrapped my hand in it i texted my fake dad 

''hey i found out who my real fam is ''-sa

''great who is it ''-d

''im sarah wolf paul now ''-sa

''cool ''-d

''see ya at school bye''-sa


i closed my phone and rushed to school meeting up with jerry ''hey jerry what's up'' i said stoping next to him ''well today where graduating but there's gonna be no more football '' i looked down and nodded ''im gonna miss football but it's been awsome '' i hugged jerry and we did the hole thing logan was half asleep jake too everyone was when it was time for everyone to throw their hats in the air me and the rest of the team decided to throw are's at the boys to wake em up ''WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS IT OVER'' i yelled logan shot up ''thank god it's over '' i ran down and hugged logan ''finaly no more school '' i said pulling away i ran to the boys and all hugged them ''finaly im gonna be able to spend more time with you '' i said kissing corbyn he smiled and i smiled back ''that would be awsome '' we kissed again ''GET YOURSELF A ROOM'' jerry and the team yelled i turned around ''5 seconds jerry'' je ran off i closed my eyes the opend them i ran after jerry and made him tumble o the ground ''hey guys coach want's to see you '' we got up and nodded


when we got to the coach he speaked ''guys it been a honor to coatch you and im just very thankful i had you guys even with the ups and downs you could still leave with your head up high '' we all smiled ''on 3'' we all put are hands on top of the others "1.2.3"we did the team call them jumped giving eachother high fives we all left and played on the field pushing each other down i saw logan trying not to look cuz it looked like if i hurt i tumbled on the ground a few times but i could take a fall we played ruff until we could'nt ''im ready to go home now '' i said taking my water botle but instead of drinking i opend it and pored it on my head ''ok im not gonna ask any questions '' jack said ''good idea jack'' we all laughed and went home ''logan ''  ''yea'' he replied ''what's gonna hepen with my life my fake fam hates me cuz i found my real fam cuz all my friends are boys and cuz i have a boyfriend'' i said looking down ''why what do they say about you'' he said sitting down next to me ''they say im worthless im stupid that no boy deserves me im a slut that i was never made for football and that it was a big mistake adopting me '' i said not stoping ''all that is fake now you got a better fam and a boy who will treat you how you want'' he said ''but how can my life be worth it if everywhere i go everyone says corbyn does'nt deserve me '' i looked at him ''their just jelous he got a beautiful girl like you'' i smiled and went to my room i crashed on my bed and played on my phone until if was like midnigth i put my phone down and went to bed 

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